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Photos - Annual - 2023 Jan-Jun
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President Shawn



 Over 50 members and guests braved some warmer weather at Blue Note Brewery in Woodland on June 28 to Demote and thank President Shawn Seyk following his year as Club President. Immediate Past President Dan Stroski presented Shawn with a Past President's plaque from the Club. He also presented Karl Diekman with his Club President's badge and pin. We are Dark on Tuesday, July 4th. President Karl Diekman will preside over his first Club meeting on Tuesday, July 11 at the Hotel Woodland. More photos from the Demotion can be viewed in the Photo Gallery




June 20th Meeting


 President Shawn Seyk took his last Club meeting as the presiding officer 'on the road' to the Corkwood Restaurant on W. Court Street in Woodland today to capture some of the memories of Club meetings held at the Corkwood when it was located in the local bowling alley. 



WHS Interact '22-23



Jayne Williams provides us with more photos from Woodland High School's Interact Club which our Club supports. The '22-23 year saw officers build a club of 25 members who were active throughout the year. 




June 13th Meeting


 A good turnout came to see President Shawn Seyk preside over his last meeting of the Club at the Hotel Woodland. Next week (June 20) we will be meeting at the Corkwood Restaurant (117 W Court Street) to bring back some old memories of the days when our Club met at the Corkwood Restaurant when it was in the bowling alley. 


 We had several visitors and guests today. Visiting Rotarians with us today included Susan Johnson (Rotary Club of Gallitin TN) and Don Sharp (Woodland Sunrise). President Shawn introduced guests Andres Olmedo (left), Head Coach, Mens Soccer, Woodland Community College; and Max Alvarez, Head Coach, Womens Soccer, Woodland Community College. Gary Wegener introduced his guest and prospective new member Phil Safran, while Don Huff III introduced his guest, former member David Molinaro, who is interested in returning to the Club. 


 Brian Dwyer had a birthday on June 6 (La Miranda CA), but could not join us then due to a death in his family. Brian was also really happy for his son's Little League performance in the recent City tournament. Don Huff Jr 'rang the bell' FIVE TIMES for his 97th birthday on June 9 (Woodland). 


 With the pot at $689 and just 10 cards left, Chuck Moore managed to find a free lunch. With President Shawn asking questions about soccer during Recognition, Ernie Hodges managed to surprise everyone by knowing Argentina won the men's World Cup earlier this year. Ann Taylor was really happy to get back home after a recent trip to Disney World with 15 family members. Barbara Sonin was happy for her grandson who recently graduated from high school with honors. 



 Woodland's own Alexis Mata was our guest speaker today, giving us a program on her extensive soccer achievements locally at Pioneer High School, at the University of Hawaii, and as a professional player in Spain. Alexis focused on the challenges she had to face and overcome. Thanks to President Shawn (who is also President of the Woodland Soccer Club) for arranging and introducing this interesting program. 




Visit to Rotary in Morocco


 Our own Frits van der Hoek writes he has been in Agadir Morocco the past few weeks on Army Reserve orders. Last week he visited the Rotary Club of Agadir (Morocco) Rotary Club's meeting there. He says while it was mostly in French, the meeting was remarkably similar to our own Club's meetings and 'lots of fun!' 



June 6th Meeting


 Entering the final month of his reign the smile on President Shawn Seyk is just getting broader. He smells the finish line! He reminded us the Demotion will be 5:30pm Wednesday, June 28 at the Blue Note Brewery.

There will be no club meeting on Tuesday, June 27 as a result. 


 Don Huff III introduced former Club member Dave Molinaro as his guest today. Perhaps Dave is thinking about coming back to the Club??? Karl Diekman introduced Gary Wegener's guest, Phil Safran from Davis. Steve Venables was all alone in leading us in Rotary Grace today. 



 Karl Diekman returned home this weekend after a trip first to Japan, and then on to Melbourne Australia where he attended the Rotary International Convention which was attended by approximately 15,000 Rotarians from all over the world. Clyde Brooker got an early warning on his 47th wedding anniversary June 12 with wife Krim (Carson City NV).


 Jim Nolan saved Recognition Chair Gary Bunch's bacon by being ready to take the helm on Recognition today. Jim was asking questions about foods we like to eat and restaurants we enjoy. Marie Galbo said she enjoys Italian food because of her heritage. Christian Sherrill likes his own BBQ at home and told us about the equipment he uses and what he likes to cook. President Shawn was really happy about his youth soccer league which recently had over 900 local young people tryout for the new season!



Mr. Nan Su, Senior Investigative Reporter for the Epoch Times, was our guest speaker today, presenting a program on "China's Global Expansion - past and future".  Born and raised in China, Nan came to the United States in 1989 and has been a China expert and news commentator for over 20 years serving NTD TV Network and SOH radio network. Married for 34 years, Nan currently lives with his wife and two daughters in San Jose CA.  More about the Epoch Times can be found on its website at https://www.theepochtimes.com/




May 30th Meeting


 Excited to be near the end of his term, President Shawn Seyk reminded us the Club's Demotion will take place 5:30pm Wednesday, June 28, at the Blue Note Brewery. According to Dan Stroski cost is $10 per person. No host food (pizza or cajun food??) and beverages. There will be no Club meeting Tuesday, June 27.



  Jim McGibbon 'rang the bell' for his 55th wedding anniversary June 1 with wife Susie. With the pot at $360 and 12 cards left, Derrek Kaff found a free lunch. Gary Bunch and wife Kathy will celebrate 45 years of marriage also on June 1st. David Pinto 'rang the bell' for sad and happy time. He traveled to Toronto to see his mother before she passed away on May 10th, just shy of her 99th birthday. David spent 10 days with family and was grateful to see his mother. 


 Mark Ullrich had the reins on today's Recognition, asking questions about vacation plans. Preston Shaub and wife Leslie were happy about finally taking their dream,  3 week vacation to Italy recently in celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary. Wendy Casas-Raviotta doesn't know where she'll be going on vacation this year. Wendy has enrolled her two kids in water polo and will be following them to various tournaments. After four attempts, Jim Nolan finally got to go to Yosemite for four days this year. Jim goes to Yosemite nearly every year and says the waterfalls now are the most spectacular he has ever seen. Yosemite Falls is so loud you can't hear to talk. 



  Anahita Dalmia, a member of the Rotary Club of Menlo Park CA, was our guest speaker today appearing on Zoom. Anahita gave us a program on a project she is sponsoring called 'Agents of Influence', a spy themed video game designed for young people ages 12-14 to help teach the next generation how to critically evaluate information. More about the Agents of Influence video game can be viewed at https://www.altereainc.com/agents-of-influence 




May 23rd Meeting



 A beautiful day brought out a good sized group to today's meeting. Jim McGibbon, Steve Venables and Dan Stroski got us going on Rotary Grace (not sure which ones were Olivia or John??).



 Dan Stroski introduced his guest today, Don Strongman who recently moved to Woodland. With the pot at $600 and just 13 cards remaining, Robb Beggs managed to find a free lunch. Gary Wegener introduced his guest today, Phil Safran from Davis. 



 Wendy Casas-Raviotta got an early warning on her May 30th wedding anniversary with husband Joseph 14 years ago in Woodland. It was Barbara Sonin's birthday TODAY (Austin TX) so she was serenaded with the Happy BDay song by the Club. Eric Sharp 'rang the bell' for his 68th birthday on May 2 (Woodland) and for his upcoming wedding anniversary with wife Tia on May 25, which is also Tia's birthday. Tom LaBrie also 'rang the bell' for his 57th wedding anniversary with wife Kay coming up May 29 (Lake Tahoe NV).


 Jayne Williams handled Recognition today asking various questions in search of inspiration. When asked Jim McGibbon gave a detailed description of the first time he saw his wife, Susie, when both were working in a hospital in Montreal Canada. He was instantly 'smitten'!  While he must do a variety of things, Derrek Kaff would describe himself mostly as a 'coach'. Asked what she would say if she was teaching a room full of young men, Gena Bravo said 'Listen to your mother or wife!'



 Jessica Hubbard, Executive Director, Yolo Community Foundation, was our guest speaker today, giving us a look at the Foundation's 'State of Yolo NonProfit Sector'. The complete visual slide presentation Jessica presented today can be viewed here.




WHS Interact Service


Members of the Woodland High School Interact Club, sponsored by our Rotary Club, helped brightened up the Alderson Convalescent Hospital on Walnut Street in Woodland with some flower planting on May 17 reports Jayne Williams




May 16th Meeting



 After a busy few weeks of Rotary events, President Shawn Seyk led us again today. Its getting so close to Demotion he can taste it! He even offered to get demoted early!


Aniek Pflager was happy about the good member turnout at last week's Senior BBQ even though we did not get the number of customers we planned for. Sunrise Rotarian Don Sharp visited us today; advising Sunrise's raffle prize was nearing $3,000! With our raffle pot at $570, Nick Roncoroni managed to find a free lunch today. President Shawn was very happy about his girls soccer team even though they lost in the State tournament semi-finals.



  Ernie Hodges 'rang the bell' a couple of times for his 76th birthday on May 9 (Sevierville TN). Ernie and wife Kay, along with Tom & Gail Schwarzgruber, just returned from a trip to New York where they held a reunion with the five Rotary Youth Exchange students they had hosted from 1998-2003 when Ernie was a member of the West Sacramento Rotary Club. The Hodges had last reunited with their 'RYE kids' in London in 2007. Group pictures from both reunions are displayed above. A copy of the West Sacramento Rotary Club's newsletter from January 2007 providing a detailed story of the kids, their first reunion, and a commerative poem Kay wrote for the occasion, can be viewed clicking here. Standing behind Kay and Ernie in both photos, left-right (home country as students), are Charlotte (Sweden), Aurelie (Belgium), 

Eddy (Brazil), Jenny (Germany) and Emilie (France).


Ernie explained the actual dates the kids had their Rotary year were: Eddy 96-97 and his host families included Mark and Anne Engstrom, Tabb and Nancy Randolph, and Kay and ErnieEmilie 97-98 and she only had us as her host family.  Aurelie 99-00 with Jim and Susan Lee and us as host families.  Charlotte 01-02 with Tom and Gail SchwarzgruberKevin and Lorie Haarberg and us as host families.  Jenny 02-03 with Peter and Chris HolmesKevin and Lorie Haarberg and us as host families. West Sacramento Rotary sponsored Eddy, Emilie & Charlotte, while Woodland Rotary sponsored Aurelie and Jenny. 


Ernie said 'This reunion, which along with Tom & Gail, included 17 participants from 6 different countries, was an awesome experience that left us with lifelong memories.' Ernie finds it amazing and gratifying to observe how the five kids along with their spouses have bonded.  'Hardly a week passes without whatsapp messages from one or several of our kids.  I schedule zoom calls to celebrate all our birthdays as another way to keep in touch.'



 Lisa Dunham celebrated her birthday (ahh to be 29 again!) on May 7 (Woodland). Bob Nakken fessed up to his 71st birthday on April 27 (Woodland). Dick Hoppin 'rang the bell' for his 83rd birthday on May 6, the same day England's King Charles was coronated. Somehow Dick's invitation to the coronation got lost in the mail (hmmm). Blair Voelz celebrated his 73rd birthday (Lansing MI) on May 10. 


Kris Kristensen led today's Recognition with questions about what makes your job satisfying. Yvette Roy finds satisfaction in managing a team that installs equipment and systems for hospitals and medical facitilites. Chuck Moore finds satisfaction in working with the best people in the world...farmers; and the fact more women are in his business. After taking a class for professionals with ADHD, Lori Ross is opening a new business, Possibilities LLC. 




 Maria Contreras-Tebbutt from The Bike Campaign was our guest speaker today, giving us a program on what they are doing to promote more and safer biking in our community. The Bike Campaign is one of the organizations that will be benefitting from the proceeds of our 2023 Dinner Auction. Thank you to Lori Ross for arranging and introducing Maria.




Senior BBQ 2023



 The Club's first Senior BBQ since 2019 was held Tuesday, May 9, at the Rotary Park picnic area of the Yolo County Fairgrounds.  Aniek Pflager did another great job leading the effort. Club members were out in force, dipping, grilling, and serving. Although attendance was about 1/3 of what it had been before the pandemic, those who came out enjoyed a great meal, sunshine, and ice cream! Fortunately, not a single drumstick was wasted! Fourth & Hope gladly accepted all the leftovers.


Check out more Senior BBQ photos in the Photo Gallery!



Rotary Helps Shred-a-thon



 Club members President Shawn Seyk, Marie Galbo and Dan Stroski assisted  customers (an estimated 40 vehicles) at the Shred-a-thon, sponsored by the Yolo County District Attorney's Office at Umpqua Bank on May 5 in Woodland. 




Woodland Rotary Mystery Golf Visits

Swenson Park GC in Stockton


The 2023 Woodland Rotary Mystery Golf Trip traveled to the Swenson Park Golf Course in Stockton. About 50 players from five different Rotary clubs enjoyed 18 holes plus lunch. Many thanks to Chuck Maltese (Woodland Rotary) and Chuck Santoni (Woodland Sunrise) for organizing this fun event!



May 2nd Meeting


 President Shawn Seyk got our meeting going on a cool, rainy day. Aniek Pflager told us to get ready for our Senior BBQ assignments next week at Rotary Park at the Yolo County Fairgrounds. Yvette Roy presented herself in the first of what will be a monthly series of Member Highlights.


 Mark and Jessica Pemberton celebrated their wedding anniversary on May 1st (Paradise). Rob Beggs managed to find a free lunch today. Tom LaBrie 'rang the bell' for his 80th birthday on May 1st. Jayne Williams celebrated her birthday on April 29th by attending Sunrise Rotary's Wings and Wheels event at the Watts Woodland Airport. 


 Christian Sherrill got an early warning on his 19th wedding anniversary with wife Holidae on May 8. Jim Nolan took the helm on Recognition today with questions about your favorite movie, actor or actress. Eric Zane's favorite movie is 'The Goonies'. Mike Chandler's favorite movie is 'Gone With the Wind'; and his favorite actor is John Wayne.



 Jeanne Powell was our guest speaker today giving us an extensive program on quilting and  'Historical Quilt Blocks'. Thank you Jim McGibbon for arranging and introducing this interesting program! The complete visual slide presentation Jeanne presented today can be viewed at  HistoricQuiltBlock2009.ppt 




April 25th Meeting

  Dinner Auction Steering Committee Chair Tabb Randolph along with Tom Schwarzgruber indicated preliminary financial reports show Woodland Rotary raised over $48,000 from the 2023 Dinner AuctionTabb thanked everyone involved in making this fundraiser one of our most successful.


  Dan Stroski and Steve Venables got us going through Rotary Grace today. Jayne Williams introduced her guest today, Sam Ruxton, Edward Jones financial advisor. Woodland Sunrise Rotarian Byron McConnell visited today, with the message to attend their Club's Wings and Wheels Fly-In and Drive-In event 10am-3pm Saturday, April 29 at the Watts Woodland Airport. 


  Gena Bravo was happy about her 10th wedding anniversary with husband Scott on April 24th. Gary Bunch joined the 70 years old fraternity on April 21st (Woodland). Eric Zane got an early warning on his May 1st wedding (St. Lukes in Woodland) anniversary with wife Jennifer, but they celebrated in Cabo San Lucas last weekend. 


  Dena Lawrence got fined because (but was still happy) her mother, Linda Lawrence, won $935 in the Dinner Auction 50/50 raffle. Mark Ullrich was presented with his 5th Paul Harris Fellowship pin by Tom Schwarzgruber today, honoring Mark's significant financial contributions to the Rotary Foundation. Chuck Maltese took charge of Recognition today with pointed questions about the Dinner Auction such as fining Marie Galbo for (indirectly) selling the winning Grand Prize raffle ticket to Deborah Bautista Zavala (WJUSD Board of Trustees Vice President). But Chuck also fined himself for coaxing a piece of cheesecake from Michelle Pashke who outbid Chuck for the cake. 


 Our new Club Polio Plus Warrior Mark Ullrich gave us an update on Rotary's efforts to eradicate polio worldwide. See his report below for more information. 



 Our own Jayne Williams, Founder & Executive Director, All Leaders Must Serve (ALMS), was our speaker today, giving us a program on the work ALMS does to help local young people, ages 15-25, to become ready to get a job. Jayne also extended an invitation to members to visit ALMS' clubhouse (519 Second St) during an Open House Thursday, May 4 from 3pm-8pm to see its facilities first hand. More about All Leaders Must Serve can be found at its website.




 From Club Polio Warrior Mark Ullrich:


May 2 Update:

With four months into this calendar year…we are still at ONE wild polio case!  This one case is from Pakistan (February 20th)

It’s also been over six months since the last s of wild polio virus in Afghanistan and Mozambique.

Yes, we are closing in on the end of the wild polio virus.  How will the world end polio – forever? 


Here is the World Health Organization strategy to end polio by 2026.  (they are part, along with Rotary, of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative) (GPEI) .  Please share this with your members who want to understand the opportunities and challenges:  https://apps.who.int/gb/ebwha/pdf_files/WHA76/A76_13-en.pdf

A few highlights:


“High-profile detection of vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 recorded in Canada, Indonesia, Israel, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America are being managed appropriately by local public health authorities by strengthening surveillance and addressing essential immunization gaps.”

Are you staying current on global efforts to end polio?  
GPEI publishes a monthly newsletter.  If you haven’t subscribed yet, now is a good time.  Here’s the link:

We need your help.  One in Four.
There are 3133 members of District 5160. Right now we have over 600 Rotarians, like you, that are members of the PolioPlus Society. 
And, yes, anyone can join – this includes Rotaract members and friends.

Our goal is to add at least 200 more, for a total of 783.  That’s One in Four.  Yes, we need your help. 
The District is giving this US Mint $1coin that celebrates the discovery of the polio vaccine 70 years ago.  Please see the attached poster


Help those you know join.  The new form to join is attached.  We can get there!

Your District PolioPlus Team

Mike Crosby  Carol Landry  Kay Ressler  Jim Vlantis  John Waterman


More information about End Polio Now can be found at its website: https://www.endpolio.org/

Here you can sign up to receive the End Polio Now newsletter.  




2023 Woodland Rotary Dinner Auction

Big Success!!



 Woodland Rotary's 2023 Dinner Auction on Saturday, April 22 was a BIG SUCCESS! A sold out crowd of over 220 people attended at the California Agriculture Museum to raise funds for seven local charities.  










April 18th Meeting


Its 'All Hands On Deck' time! Tabb Randolph we are ready for our big annual Dinner Auction this Saturday, April 22 at the California Agriculture Museum. Over 200 dinner tickets have been registered. We hope to make lots of money for our beneficiaries. Also, WE ARE SOLD OUT!! No additional dinner tickets are available. 


 Mark Pemberton introduced his guest, son Basil, who is also an engineer in Mark's office. Visiting Rotarian Tracy Vicario (Portland OR Pearl Club) joined us again today. Tracy and her husband are in the process of moving to Woodland. With the pot at $475 and 17 cards left, Ernie Hodges managed to find a free lunch. 



 Frits van der Hoek celebrated his 41st birthday on April 12 (Miami FL). Yvette Roy was thanked for doing Meals on Wheels this week. President Shawn Seyk was happy his girls soccer team is in the quarter finals of an important tournament despite an injury to one of its star players. 



 President-elect Karl Diekman was in charge of Recognition today, asking questions on taxes and finance. Dena Lawrence told the story of when she was living in Ireland, she did her taxes on Turbo Tax. One year Turbo Tax told her she owed $13,000. She called her mother and was referred to Gary Bunch who did her taxes that year and Dena ended up with a $30 refund! Mark Pemberton reported he recently broke his arm snowboarding at Palisades Tahoe (formerly Squaw Valley). Nick Roncoroni enjoyed a family trip to Hawaii last week watching their daughter in a cheerleading competition in Oahu. 



Kris Kristensen and wife Kathy have been enjoying the hatching of two hummingbirds outside their kitchen window. Chuck Maltese says five different Rotary Clubs will be participating on the Rotary Mystery Golf Trip Wednesday, May 3, and only two spots remain open. See Chuck if interested. Dan Stroski announced the Yolo County District Attorney's office will be holding another Shred-a-thon event on Friday, May 5, at Woodland's Umpqua Bank; 9am - 1pm or whenever the truck gets filled up. President-nominee Bob Nakken attended the District 5160 Assembly in Fairfield last Saturday. The District is emphasizing membership recruitment and using social media. Bob will be working with Karl Diekman on our committees and Dena Lawrence volunteered to help with social media. 




Our guest speaker today was Yousef Buzayan, Farm to Market Senior Program Manager with Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF), who gave us a program on CAFF and it's work supporting and advocating for family farmers. The complete visual slide presentation Yousef presented can be viewed here. More about the Community Alliance with Family Farmers can be found at its website








 Preparations are underway for our 2023 Dinner Auction on Saturday, April 22 at the California Agricultural Museum. Event proceeds benefit several community organizations. 







Members: If you purchased tickets with your annual dues - you still need to go to the Eventbrite website (use link below) and select TICKETS - then put in the number 4 next to the DINNER TICKET PRE PAID option. Fill in your name so we can confirm you have paid and are good to go!


Others: Want to buy dinner tickets? Register on the Eventbrite website (link below) to register and purchase.


Eventbrite website link for 2023 Rotary Dinner Auction tickets


 Contact David Pinto with related questions.




 $100 per ticket to purchase. Only 200 tickets available. Each member is asked to purchase or sell at least two tickets.


Winner gets the following Trip Options - roundtrip airfare from Sacramento, and travel insurance included at:


Maui - 5 nights at Kaanapali Shores; one bedroom ocean view condo & midsize rental car for duration of stay; or


Cabo San Lucas - 7 nights at Dreams Cabo San Lucas plus roundtrip transfers from airport to resort; or


Disney World - 5 nights at Disney Caribbean Beach Resort; two 4-day passes (Disney Park, Epcot, Disney Animal Kingdom) & midsize rental car for duration of stay; or


OR $3,000 in cash.


Up to $6,000 travel value!





Mark Ullrich and Roger Kohlmeier are seeking sponsors for the Dinner Auction. Sponsorship Tiers:


Gold - $2500

Silver - $1000

Bronze - $500

Business Card - $250


View the Sponsorship Letter and Form.

Contact Mark Ullrich or Roger Kohlmeier for further information.





Blair Voelz and Brian Dwyer are looking for donations of oral and silent auction items to be offered during the event.





Jeff Burger is asking each Club member to donate two bottles of good quality wine (minimum $20 value each). Bring them either to a Tuesday Club meeting or to Jeff's office (REMAX 927 Main St.).




April 11th Meeting


President Shawn Seyk welcomed a large crowd to today's meeting. 



 We had lots of visitors today, including Rotarians Ken PriceDavid DumarsGary Holman, and (not pictured) Don Sharp from the Woodland Sunrise Club.


 We had lots of guests as well. Aniek Pflager introduced her parents Mary and Phillip Beck, along with sister Kris Baker, brother-in-law Skip Baker, along with Al Koerber (top right photo), a friend and neighbor of her parents. Steve Venables gave us extensive introductions of his guests including Rose Leonardi (upper right photo in the background on the left), owner of Haven Boutique in downtown Woodland, with her friend ElizabethWill Anderson (upper right photo), West Point graduate and engineer with Luhdorff & Scalmanini; Korean War veteran Johnny Newsom, and Aldo Leonardi (lower righ photo), former combat pilot and current firefighter pilot.


 Kevin Haarberg led today's Recognition with questions about your favorite pet or pet story. Blair Voelz had a gentle dog that rode in the back of his pickup and was very protective of the pickup, so protective in fact that he wouldn’t let a lady pass the pickup to get into her car parked next to the pickup. Derrek Kaff’s daughter moved home from college during the pandemic and brought her cat with her. The daughter has since moved out, but the cat stayed. Don Huff, Jr. remembered  when he was 9 years old he had a Shetland pony and his Dad (Don Huff Sr.) cried when the pony was sold. 


Jim McGibbon was so impressed by Gena Bravo’s method of eliminating unnecessary waiting time for cardiac rehab patients at the hospital, he 'rang the bell'. Jeff Burger was proud his son passed his real estate exam last week and will be going to work for him. Yvette Roy was happy to return to sunny California after a visit with her daughter in rainy Oregon and she also brought back greetings from former Woodland Rotarian Carey Sullivan. Steve Venables got an early warning for his 44th wedding anniversary with wife Lydia (Carson City NV) on April 15. 



 Lieutenant Colonel USAF Richard Brenneman (aka 'Dog'), was our special guest speaker today providing us with an extended look into his service in the Vietnam War as a fighter pilot who was shot down on November 8, 1967 and became a prisoner of war in North Vietnam until his release on March 4, 1973. Thank you Steve Venables for arranging and introducing this great program! 




April 4th Meeting


 President Shawn Seyk presented a $45,600 check from Woodland Rotary to representatives of the Woodland Recreation Foundation today for Woodland Girls Fastpitch. These were the net proceeds from the Club's 2022 Dinner Auction. The Foundation was represented by Chair Jim Hilliard and Board Member Skip Davies who explained they have now raised over $600,000 toward their goal of $1 million to build new girls fastpitch softball fields at the Woodland Sports Complex (both Jim Hilliard & Skip Davies are former Woodland Mayors and members of the Woodland City Council)?. Girls softball player Elena Bautista also attended today's presentation with her mother Tanya Bautista and little brother Manolo

View Club's Press Release.

For additional information about the Woodland Recreation Foundation visit its website.



 Lots of birthdays and an anniversary today. Steve Venables will be celebrate his 81st birthday (Visalia) on April 6. Mike Russell and wife Kristin will celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary (St. Louis) on April 11th. George Burger 'rang the bell' for his 80th birthday (Phoenix AZ) coming up April 9th - Easter Sunday. Roger Kohlmeier (Los Angeles) and Chuck Maltese (Detroit MI) will both celebrate their 83rd birthday on April 8th (Roger thinks he's the younger one!).



 Splinter writer Bob Nakken 'rang the bell' for his trip with wife Gaye to New York this past week to attend the opening season games for the San Francisco Giants against the New York Yankees. Lori Ross, her husband Art, and son Zach took their other son Derek, to Los Angeles over the weekend as a gift to Derek. They saw Universal Studios, rode electric bikes in Venice Beach, and attended Wrestle Mania at So-Fi Stadium. Lori says she was less than thrilled, but Derek was 'in heaven'. President-elect Karl Diekman 'rang the bell' in reporting the great time he had visiting Sebastopol, and touring the artwork on Florence Avenue there, recently.



 iffany Bunn, co-owner, Kuk Sool Won Martial Art Center of Woodland (top picture, in the middle) and Rebecca Santistevan, Head Instructor, were our guest speakers today, giving a program on the Center's Martial Arts and and Self Defense classes. They also provided demonstrations with softball player/guest Elena Bautista and our own Wendy Casas and David Pinto who volunteered. More information on Kuk Sool Won Martial Art Center Woodland can be found on their website




WHS Interact Help Students Read

 Jayne Williams reports March is National Reading Month (honoring Dr. Seuss' birthday) and 12 members of the Woodland High School Interact Club, sponsored by Woodland Rotary, volunteered to read to after-school students at Freeman Elementary School. 



March 28th Meeting

 President Shawn Seyk kicked off the last meeting of March today, once again under rainy skies. We thank Marie Galbo for taking pictures today!



 Dan Stroski announced the Demotion of President Shawn will take place Friday evening, June 30th at Blue Note Brewery. Karl Diekman introduced his guest today, Julio Ruiz, Business Relations Manager with First Northern Bank. Steve Venables highlighted our program speaker coming up April 11th, Vietnam War veteran and author Richard Brenneman, aka ‘Dog’, who will tell us about his experiences as a prisoner of war. With the pot at $389 and 20 cards left, Chuck Moore managed to find a free lunch.



 Dan Stroski announced the Demotion of President Shawn will take place Friday evening, June 30th at Blue Note Brewery. Karl Diekman introduced his guest today, Julio Ruiz, Business Relations Manager with First Northern Bank. Steve Venables highlighted our program speaker coming up April 11th, Vietnam War veteran and author Richard Brenneman, aka ‘Dog’, who will tell us about his experiences as a prisoner of war. With the pot at $389 and 20 cards left, Chuck Moore managed to find a free lunch.



 Our guest speaker today was Tracie Olson, Yolo County Chief Public Defender, who gave us a program on "Modern Public Defense" including what her office is doing and the issues they face. Thank you to Wendy Casas-Raviotta for introducing Tracie and arranging for her being with us today. A complete set of Tracie's visual presentation can be viewed here.

More about the Yolo County Public Defender's Office can be found at its website: https://www.yolocounty.org/government/general-government-departments/law-justice/public-defender



March 21st Meeting


  With a steady rain falling outside, President Shawn Seyk got a good meeting started inside the Hotel Woodland today. Dan Stroski, Steve Venables, and Jim McGibbon got us going on the Rotary Grace.  



 Visiting Rotarian Mack Walker (Davis Sunrise) joined us today. Jim McGibbon reported a Rotary Global Grant project to train local high school graduates to become qualified dentists, optometrists, and family doctors and provide care for a medically underserved population in  Nicaragua, which our Club co-sponsored, was closed down due to contraints imposed by the Nicaraguan government. Over 250 currently enrolled students will be allowed to complete their education. Chuck Maltese is looking for signups for the Rotary Mystery Golf Trip on May 3. David Pinto handled our Zoom and visual display technology today. 



 Tabb Randolph reported the Club's Dinner Auction Committee is actively preparing for the 2023 Dinner Auction on Saturday, April 22, mentioning Mark Ullrich and Roger Kohlmeier are soliciting for event sponsors, Brian Dwyer and Blair Voelz are seeking items for the silent and oral auctions, and David Pinto has set up the online Eventbrite site where members can obtain their dinner tickets. President-elect Karl Diekman spoke for Jeff Burger who is encouraging members to donate two bottles of good wine toward the Wheelbarrow of Wine to be sold at the Auction. You can bring your donated wine bottles to next week's Club meeting or to Jeff's office at REMAX 927 Main Street. Immediate Past President Dan Stroski says the Demotion of President Shawn is set to take place on Friday, June 30. Aniek Pflager has Winner's Choice Raffle tickets to distribute to members for their purchase or to sell prior to the Auction. Aniek is also looking for members to signup for their preferred assignment at the March 9 Senior BBQ at Rotary Park. 


 Sporting a distinguished tan, Kevin Haarberg enjoyed spending two weeks in Cabo San Lucas recently with wife LorieDon Huff III was happy about the auctioneering help Eric Sharp provided the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation recently. Clyde Brooker took the helm on Recognition today. 



 Robin Taylor, Executive Director, Lawyers Without Borders, was our guest speaker today, giving us an understanding of Lawyers Without BordersRobin is the daughter-in-law of our own Ann Taylor who arranged for and introduced Robin to us today. A complete set of slides presented by Robin can be viewed here. More about Lawyers Without Borders can be found on its website.




March 14th Meeting


 President Shawn Seyk presided over a pretty well attended meeting despite the rain and wind howling outside. Even the back table had to moved up closer to the front to avoid dripping water from the ceiling behind them. That's one way to get them to join the rest of the meeting!




 President Shawn Seyk presided over a pretty well attended meeting despite the rain and wind howling outside. Even the back table had to moved up closer to the front to avoid dripping water from the ceiling behind them. That's one way to get them to join the rest of the meeting!


 We were joined today by Woodland Sunrise Rotarians Byron MacConnell and Don SharpYvette Roy was thanked for doing Meals on Wheels this week. Wendy Casas-Raviotta managed to find a free lunch today. 


 Blair Voelz reported on preparations for the Club's 2023 Dinner Auction on Saturday, April 22. Jeff Burger and Brian Dwyer are looking for each member to donate two bottles of good wine toward the Wheelbarrow of Wine. Blair wants all auction donations and descriptions to be submitted by April 1st. Aniek Plager said the Winner's Choice Raffle tickets will be available starting next week. The prize will be a $6,000 value this year with trip opportunities available to Maui, Cabo San Lucas, or Disney World. 200 tickets will be available for sale at $100 each. Aniek also said she is taking Senior BBQ assignment signups starting this week. Chuck Maltese is taking signups for golfers wanting to participate in the Rotary Mystery Golf Tour on Wednesday, May 3. The tour is limited to the first fifty two (52) signups. $100 per participant. 6:45am departure!


We did not have a program today when the speaker was unable to attend the meeting due to the storm. 


 Derrek Kaff spoke about the Community Survey on Public Safety and Law Enforcement the Woodland Police Department is conducting this month to gather opinions and experiences from residents and businesses regarding community involvement, safety, procedural justice, performance, and contact and satisfaction. Derrek said the survey can be found on the Department's website at https://cityofwoodland.org/1278/Community-Survey It takes about 5 minutes to complete and is completely confidential. Information gathered will be used to improve the Department's services, processes, and reputation. 




Meet Our New Member - 

Preston Schaub


  Preston Schaub, sponsored by Frits van der Hoek, was installed as a new member of the Club on February 28, 2023 by President Shawn Seyk. At our request, Preston provided us with the following bio. If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to introduce yourself to Preston when you meet and welcome him to the Club.


Preston Schaub originally hails from New Jersey before moving to Florida just prior to high school. There, he attended college at the University of Central Florida where he received degrees in both Psychology and Criminal Justice. After graduating, Preston took a year off and worked as both a bicycle mechanic and a Kung fu instructor. However, higher education came calling and Preston soon moved to Sacramento to both attend McGeorge School of Law and to be closer to his brother, who is a Deputy Sheriff in El Dorado County. It was during this time that Preston would meet his future wife, Leslie.


Preston graduated from law school in 2014 and started his career as a prosecutor in Butte County in early 2015. After 3 years of commuting from Natomas to Oroville, Preston and Leslie decided that they wished to remain in the Sacramento area permanently. In April of 2018, Preston accepted a job as a Deputy District Attorney in Yolo County (where he is still employed), married Leslie, and they purchased their home in West Sacramento.


Preston and Leslie still reside in West Sacramento with their dog, Ned, and cat, Seymore. In their spare time they modernize their home, go wine tasting, travel, and are always looking for a new campground or great hike to explore. Preston also enjoys amateur landscape photography and has started brewing mead (honey wine). So far, he has been pleasantly surprised with the results of both.



Kenya Girls Thank WHS Interact


 Members of the Woodland High School Interact Club, under the guidance of Rotary advisors Jayne Williams and Marie Galbo, donated their time after school, on weekends, and over the summer of 2022 to create 150 reusable sanitary pads for female junior high school students in Karen, Kenya (Africa) who may lack the resources for the purchase of such items. The pads were shipped to Kenya last Fall. We recently received these photos of local Kenya Rotarians distributing the pads to girls at the Karen C Secondary School, as well as Thank You notes from those students to Woodland High School Interact members.


Individual student Thank You letters (78 of them!) can be viewed here

 View related stories in Rotary Club of Karen Kenya March '23 newsletter ('Fighting Period Poverty'), and in Rotary in Action




March 7th Meeting


 President Shawn Seyk took us on a road trip today, convening our meeting in the conference room at City of Woodland Fire Station 3 (Springlake). A good turnout of more than 30 members enjoyed a box lunch from Cracciolos, as Dan StroskiJim McGibbon and Steve Venables got Rotary Grace going. 


  Tom Wendt, President-elect of Woodland Sunrise visited us today. Lori Ross introduced her guest, son Zachary Ross who is currently finishing his EMT training classes and wants to be a firefighter. In honor of her son, Lori donated $100 to the Rotary Foundation. Today's host Eric Zane, Fire Chief, Woodland Fire Department, led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Gary Wegener celebrated his 75th birthday on March 4 (Detroit MI) with his family in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco.



 Aniek Pflager is working on preparations for the May 9th Senior BBQ at Rotary Park in the Yolo Fairgrounds. This is an ‘All Hands-on Deck!’ event for Club members, so clear your schedule to attend. Assignment signup sheets will be available soon. Dena Lawrence prepared this event flyer. 


Karl Diekman handled Recognition today. He called Tom Wendt up to ask him his experience at Rotary PETS (President Elect Training) in San Jose recently which Karl also attended. Tom told the story that he managed to travel to San Jose only to find out he left his wallet at home. Tom then had to lean on his fellow President-elects while there. Tom contributed $300 to the Rotary Foundation in honor of the help he received. Karl then went on to match that contribution!



Prior to our program, Eric Zane gave us a brief tour of the Fire Station’s apparatus bay. He described the various vehicles and equipment in the bay, as well as explained how the station’s mission, staffing and the possible future move of the station to a new location closer to the housing in the Springlake section of the community.



 Our own Gena Bravo, President & CEO, Woodland Memorial Hospital, was our program speaker today, giving us her personal story called ‘My Journey’. Read the entire story in the March 7th edition of the Splinter. 





  Club Polio Warrior Mark Ullrich reports Rotary has gratifying news: The last cases of wild polio were in Pakistan (September 15, 2022) and Afghanistan (August 29, 2022). This means ZERO wild polio cases anywhere in the world this calendar year. Yet polio is still out there. Positive environmental samples continue to be found. The 2023 total is currently 11; two in Pakistan and nine in Afghanistan. When samples are found it indicates polio is still present.


While polio cases have been reduced by 99.9% worldwide since 1988, it remains critical for us to continue efforts to eradicate the disease for good. Take a look at the 2 minute, 20 second video below to


Why Zero Matters



View Full Size Video



February 28th Meeting


 President Shawn Seyk welcomed Preston Schaub as our Club's newest member. Preston was sponsored by Frits van der Hoek. Woodland Sunrise Rotarians Don Sharp and Byron MacConnell visited us today. With the pot at $309 and 23 cards left, Marie Galbo found a free lunch.


 Dick Hoppin took charge of today's Recognition. Eric Sharp was happy to be back from a trip to Cabo San Lucas where he played golf and caught a 180lb marlin. Don Huff III was happy to have his dad back home feeling better after a 24 hour visit to the emergency room for internal bleeding symptoms. David Pinto (speaking on our Zoom coverage) and wife Rebecca enjoyed a trip to Florida last week where they hiked in three National Parks - Everglades, Biscayne, and Dry Tortugas - part of their goal to hike all of 63 National Parks in the United States. 



 Scott Thurmond, Executive Director, Friends of the Mission, and Doug Zeck, Executive Director, Fourth & Hope and Senior Pastor, Woodland Home Church, were our guest speakers today providing us with a program on the East Beamer Way Campus serving the homeless population of Woodland. Thanks to Mark Ullrich for introducing our speakers today. A complete set of slides presented by our speakers can be viewed here. More about the Friends of the Mission can be found on its website: http://friendsofthemission.org/ More about Fourth & Hope can be found on its website: https://fourthandhope.org/




WHS Interact at the

Almond Festival


 Jayne Williams reports Woodland High School Interact, sponsored by our Club, served the Almond Festival '23 (9 students on Saturday; 4 on Sunday) in the cold (snow on the nearby foothills) and rain. They cleaned up the park and helped vendors, eventually heading to the Esparto Library for warmth, chess and reading.



Club Helps Local Boy Get

Hearing Aids


 Recently Dan Stroski came to us with the story of a local boy who was having difficulty hearing and needed hearing aids, but his family could not afford them. The problem was holding him back in school. To keep his situation private, we only know him as 'Brian'. Our Club and several Club members donated a total of $3,000 to help Brian.


We received word from the Yolo County Office of Education (YCOE) Brian received his new hearing this week (February 21-14). YCOE says Brian is over the moon about how well they work and everything he can now do. He had gone for months with limited hearing access while waiting through this process and is so ecstatic about the new aids he doesn't even want to take them off when we need to connect them with the other technology he uses! Because of these donations, Brian has the top-of-the-line hearing aids he needs to allow him to fully participate at school and at home, and that will last him for several years.  When asking him about what he likes most about having the new hearing aids, almost all of Brian's answers were about being able to hear and connect with family and classmates.


Brian says:

'Thank you for helping me get new hearing aids. I think they are cool, because it’s very loud so I can hear everything. My favorite thing is I can hear people more and talk to them. I am also excited to use them with my Chromebook at school and with my tablet. Thank you!




February 21st Meeting


 Rotary Foundation Chairman Tom Schwarzgruber presented Gary Wegener with his 8th Paul Harris pin today in recognition of Gary's significant financial contributions to the Rotary Foundation.  Frits van der Hoek introduced his guest and prospective new member today, Preston Schaub


Karl Diekman was happy to be back from a month long vacation to Thailand. Tim Pettit was happy his son came out from New York for a visit and some golf with his dad. Tim also had a trivia question, asking when the practice of placing your right hand over your heart during the Pledge of Allegiance got started. The answer was 1942. Before then the arm was raised with an open palm forward salute; too much like the Nazi salute. Don Huff III was back from a trip to Maryland to see his son Brandon and his wife receive the keys to their new home from Homes for our Troops, an organization providing homes to our disabled veterans. Brandon, an honorary member of our Club, was wounded in Iraq. The home is fully ADA compliant, with room in the hallways for both Brandon’s and his wife’s wheel chairs.


  Gary Wegener was happy his younger brother, Mark, was back from a motorcycle trip from Paris to South Africa. Tabb Randolph paid $20 in acknowledging he had won a Super Bowl pool ($1400??); and for his 36th wedding anniversary on Feb 14 with wife Nancy (Mt. Vernon WA). Clyde Brooker managed to find a free lunch. Jayne Williams was in charge of Recognition today, helping members get to know one another better by asking them to respond personally to quotations from famous people. 



 Today's program was an update on our own Woodland Rotary Endowment.  (pictured above, left to right) Kevin Haarberg (Investments), Tabb Randolph (Endowment President), President Shawn Seyk (Scholarships), Tom Schwarzgruber (Treasurer), and Blair Voelz (Community Fund Projects) took turns speaking about their area of involvement with the Endowment. A complete list of slides from the presentation can be viewed here



February 14th Meeting


Having recovered from surgery earlier this month, President Shawn Seyk returned today to lead a good size crowd at the Club's Valentines Day meeting. 



 Today was Dena Lawrence's 41st birthday (Carmichael CA), so we sang 'Happy Birthday' to her. Frits van der Hoek introduced his guest, wife KariGeorge Burger 'rang the bell' for his 37th wedding anniversary today with wife Janet (Woodland). Les Engelmann invoked the 77 Sunset Strip theme in fessing up to his 77th birthday on Feb 8 (Joliet IL).



 Blair Voelz received his 3rd Paul Harris Fellowship pin today from Foundation Chair Tom Schwarzgruber. This is in recognition of Blair's significant financial support of the Foundation. Jayne Williams reported the Woodland High School Interact Club prepared Valentine's Day gift bags last week and delivered them to special needs students today. Marie Galbo 'rang the bell' and provided members with some chocolate covered treats upon returning from her week-long vacation to Maui due to her winning the Grand Prize raffle at last year's Dinner Auction.


Aniek Pflager reminded us we will hold our next Senior BBQ at Rotary Park on Tuesday, May 9, the first since 2019. This requires all member to get involved to achieve a successful event. 'All Hands On Deck!!!' She is going to form a committee to help with preperations and leaders for the 'front' and 'back' of the house. Please contact Aniek to offer your help. 



 Brian Dwyer, Woodland Little League President, told us about the League's plans to replace the backstop at Camerena Field, and it's Annual Crab Feed fundraiser on March 4th. Yvette Roy reported the Club's bus trip to the SF Giants-Boston Red Sox game on July 29, 2023 will cost $120 per ticket. There are 18 tickets left; reservations are still being accepted. On March 1st Yvette plans to take reservations from other Rotary Clubs. Dan Stroski said the boy who needed hearing aids (many members made donations) will be receiving his new hearing aids February 24th. 


Derrek Kaff was amazed his musian brother received a gift of a Tesla from one of his students who gets guitar lessons from him. President Shawn had some 'less than happy' time. Last week he discovered a water leak under his hardwood floor at home. The plumber couldn't get to it until Monday, so Shawn turned off the water to his house, and relied on friends for showers, as well as bottled water for cooking, and drinking for a few days. Then his car overheated on the way to Vacaville and it had to be towed to the dealer which, fortunately, was located in Vacaville.


We had no speaker today, so the meeting closed early. 



WHS Interact Shares With

Special Needs Students


 Jayne Williams reports members of Woodland High School's Interact Club, which is sponsored by our Club, made some Valentines Day gift bags last week and delivered them to students with special needs this morning.



Meet Our New Member - Rob Beggs


   Robert 'Rob' Beggs, sponsored by Jayne Williams, was installed as a new member of the Club on January 24, 2023 by President Shawn Seyk. At our request, Rob has provided us the following bio. If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to introduce yourself to Rob when you meet and welcome him to the Club.


Rob was born in Pasadena, CA and completed his undergraduate degree at UC Davis where he met his wife of 45 years, Terry.  They have lived in Woodland for 38 years, where they raised their 3 children, Janet, Mark, and James.  They now have 3 grandchildren.


Rob has had a primary interest in water related science and engineering since he was young with secondary interests in energy and environment.   After graduating from UC Davis with a double major of Ag and Mechanical Engineering, Rob first worked for Westinghouse on the light water thorium breeder reactor project in Idaho.  He then returned to school at Utah State University for a master’s degree in Ag and Irrigation Engineering.  He worked in application engineering and sales for Nelson Irrigation of Walla Walla, WA and subsequently Hardie Irrigation (now part of Toro).


 Rob entered the consulting engineering business shortly after moving to Woodland and has since worked for Nolte and Associates, West Yost, and currently Brown and Caldwell.   After a number of years of part time classes and research, Rob completed a Ph.D. in Bio and Ag Engineering with a minor in Environmental Engineering at UC Davis in 2005.  Rob’s major local projects have included wastewater related design, planning and construction support for Davis, Woodland, and Pacific Coast Producers.  Rob is currently working about 2/3 time with major projects including groundwater recharge for Westlands Water District, the Woodland wastewater plant master plan, and ongoing wastewater reuse assistance for Pacific Coast Producers and Morning Star Packing.


Rob was a local scoutmaster for about 4 years.  He was on the board of the Cache Creek Conservancy for 15 years and on the Yolo County Parks and Recreation Committee for 3 years.  He has been involved with the national group Citizens’ Climate Lobby for about 10 years and currently serves as the national vice-chair for the CCL Conservative Caucus.


Rob enjoys the outdoors, including hiking, animal tracking, and primitive skills.  He plays the mandolin and enjoys bluegrass concerts and festivals.




February 7th Meeting



 Past President Tabb Randolph led today's meeting as President Shawn Seyk (attending on Zoom) was mending at home from surgery last week. Mark Ullrich made a surprise appearance joining Steve Venables in leading today's Rotary Grace. Will we recover??? Marie Galbo sent us a postcard from Maui as she and her friend Nikki Hamilton were enjoying their vacation from the proceeds of Marie winning the Grand Prize Raffle at last year's Dinner Auction. 



 Derrek Kaff got a late warning on the 29th anniversary of his Jan 28th wedding to wife Patti (Lancaster CA). Mike Chandler paid for his Feb 1st birthday (Woodland; 1949). Lisa Dunham managed to find a free lunch. Peter Holmes got an early warning on the 39th anniversary of his February 11th wedding to wife Chris (San Diego). Also, Tabb Randolph got an early warning for his Feb 14th wedding anniversary with wife Nancy (Mount Vernon WA).


 Chuck Maltese led today's Recognition. Chuck fined Tom LaBrie for winning $302 in the raffle a few weeks ago.  Noting March is known as Women in History Month, Bob Nakken said we should remember February is Black History Month, a subject he said was neglected in his generation's secondary school education. Responding to Chuck's questions about the Super Bowl, Wendy Casas-Raviotta learned the term 'The'Super Bowl' is a registered trademark making it illegal to use the term other than in casual conversation about the game. 




 Our guest speaker today was Adrian Ross, former NFL football player and founder of the Maddbacker Foundation, who joined us via Zoom from his home in Houston TX. Adrian, introduced by Program Coordinator Lori Ross, gave us a look at his life from growing up in Elk Grove CA and developing into a star athlete. The Maddbacker Foundation, created in 2000, opens doors through education and athletics to empower younge people, emphasizing success through literacy, academic achievement and leadership skills. 




January 31st Meeting



 President Shawn Seyk opened today's meeting and the back table of Aniek Pflager, Carl Rodegerdts and Gary Bunch were ready. The corner table by the desserts was especially popular today.  



 Jayne Williams introduced Beatriz Leon-Gomez, who works with today’s guest speaker, Jessica Hubbard, at the Yolo Community Foundation, as a guest today. Beatriz shared how her father, who was from Honduras, was a Rotary Youth Exchange student visiting a family in Los Angeles in his younger days. Winters Rotarian Cecil ‘Pancho’ Padilla also joined us today. With a new pot at $187 and 27 cards to pick from, Blair Voelz found a free lunch.


 Jim Nolan took the lead on today's Recognition, asking members about their musical interests. Gena Bravo says rock music was her interest growing up. She liked bands like Metallica and Nirvana and was a skateboarder in high school. Mike Russell says he likes alternative and rock music. Mike said he sang in high school, and saw ACDC in his first concert. (At this point Gena Bravo exclaimed ‘I have met my people!!) Dick Hoppin made his first appearance at a Club meeting today following shoulder surgery earlier in the month. Dick said country music and light classical were his favorites, and he enjoys Johnny Cash and Hank Williams. The Kingston Trio was the first concert Dick attended.



 Jessica Hubbard, Executive Director, Yolo Community Foundation, was our guest speaker today, giving us a look at the Foundation's history and work in the community. More about the Foundation can be found at its website: https://www.yolocf.org/



January 24th Meeting


 President Shawn Seyk welcomed Robert 'Rob' Beggs as the Club's newest member today. Robb was sponsored by Jayne Williams



 Tom LaBrie, who claims he never wins anything, found the joker and won $302 today. Rotarians Larry and Bev Moore from Greenberg, Indiana joined us today. Frits van der Hoek introduced his guest Preston Schaub



 Dan Stroski was today's leader Recognition, asking about the our best Christmas gift. Marie Galbo's best gift was bringing her baby daughter Christine home three days before Christmas after being born 8 weeks premature and at only 3.5lbs. Christine is 51 years old now. Bob Nakken was both happy and a little sad after making his last court appearance this morning after a 45 year career. Gary Wegener 'rang the bell' for the recent marriage of his oldest daughter. 



 Dena Lawrence reported her baby, Micah, is now eating solid food. Dena was also happy to learn recently Gena Bravo is a member of her church. Gena was happy too! Mark Ullrich wore his SF 49ers sweatshirt in honor of the team playing in next weekend's NFC Championship game. Les Engelmann happily drove 2,000 miles back home from Austin TX after flying Southwest there for Christmas. Southwest was unable to fly Les back, so they paid for his transportation, food and lodging and gave him a full refund! 



  Juliana Garcia, Loan Officer with Empire Home Loans, was our guest speaker today, giving us a look at her mortage loan business which she joined at age 19. A native of Woodland, Juliana attended Zamora Elementary School with Wendy Casas-Raviotta who introduced Juliana today. Juliana and her husband Selymon also own and operate the House of Shah Afgan Urban Eats  at 538 Main Street in downtown Woodland. 






January 17th Meeting



The trio of Jim McGibbonDan Stroski and Steve Venables got Rotary Grace going at a spirited pace today. We had a good crowd thanks to a program that attracted several guests.



  Dan Stroski introduced his guest, prospective new Club member Rob Beggs. Tony Delevati introduced his guest & wife, Margie.Steve Venables introduced his guests, wife Lydia and their neighbor Bonita Agnew. 


  Kevin Haarberg led Recognition today. Following thankful time, Kevin asked, with the weather drying out, what plans people had for their upcoming travel. Les Engelmann will travel to Bellingham WA in May. Tabb Randolph says he’ll be in New York's Yankee Stadium for Opening Day against the SF Giants, and also plans to be in Scottsdale AZ for Spring training next month. Clyde Brooker has no immediate plans to travel, and wants the current uncertainty in the travel business to settle down before he goes someplace. 


 Marie Galbo and Nikki Hamilton are heading to Maui on February 1st, because Marie won the Grand Raffle Prize at the Club’s 2022 Dinner Auction.Jeff Burger says he is looking forward to going fishing in Alaska in July with his girlfriend MelissaMark Ullrich was happy about the SF 49ers victory in the wildcard playoff game.




 Our guest speaker today was Craig McNamara, owner of Sierra Orchards, an organic walnut producer outside of Winters in Solano County. Craig is also the youngest child and only son of Robert McNamara who served as Defense Secretary for Presidents John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, and was generally considered the architect of the Vietnam War. Craig wrote a book ‘Because Our Fathers Lied’ published last May on Craig coming to grips with his father's legacy. He gave us a presentation on that subject. Thanks to Jim Nolan for arranging and introducing this excellent program.



January 10th Meeting


 President Shawn Seyk presented Chuck Moore with his 6th Paul Harris Fellowship pin today in recognition of Chuck’s significant financial contributions to the Rotary Foundation.


  Mark Ullrich took the Recognition reigns today. He enjoyed the Celebration of Life held last Friday for Gary WirthMark then volunteered to take the role of Polio Plus Warrior for the Club, a position Gary had held for several years until his passing. President-elect Karl Diekman gave an update on preparations underway for the Club's 2023 Dinner Auction fundraiser coming up in April. Peter Holmes celebrated his 63rd birthday on January 6(Fresno). In honor of Gary Wirth who had also shared a birthday on the same day, Peter ‘rang the bell’ for Rotary’s Polio Plus.Jayne Williams introduced her guest, Rob Beggs who is apparently ready now to become a member of the Club.


  Eric Sharp ‘rang the bell’ for his granddaughter who is a freshman at Multnomah University in Portland OR. She is on the varsity soccer team and is carrying a 4.0 GPA. Jim Nolan encouraged members and guests to attend next week’s program speaker, Craig McNamara, who is a Winters farmer (Sierra Orchards) and the author of a new book, ‘Because our Fathers Lied’, about his father, Robert McNamara, who was President Kennedy’s Secretary of Defense and architect of the Vietnam War. Kevin Haarberg ‘rang the bell’ for his South Dakota State Jackrabbits football team who won the NCAA I-AA championship over North Dakota State last Sunday in Frisco TX, a game which Kevin and wife Lorie enjoyed attending in person. Blair Voelz is very excited; his toes are getting wet! He ‘rang the bell’ for all the rainfall we are getting.



 Our guest speaker today was Lynnette Irlmeier, Executive Director of Empower Yolo, who provided us a program on Empower Yolo's services and recent  highlights. Thanks to Program Coordinator Lori Ross who arranged for and introduced this interesting program. 



January 3rd Meeting


 President Shawn Seyk kicked off the New Year by hosting our District 5160 Governor Suzanne Bragdon today. They met with the Club's Board of Directors and other officers prior to the Club meeting. Frits van der Hoek introduced his guest Preston Schaub, Deputy District Attorney with the Yolo County District Attorney's office. Assistant District Governor Wayne Ginsburg (Woodland Sunrise) and Don Sharp (not pictured; also with Woodland Sunrise) visited us today. 


 Gary Bunch took the lead on today's Recognition. Barbara Sonin was one of several members who lost power over New Years. She lost power at her home for only a couple of hours, but her son & his family came over to get warm. Lisa Dunham said her house lost power for about 30 hours, but she and her family still had fun on New Year’s Eve. Don Huff Jr. was asked about the improvements recently made in his front yard. Don says they put in an artificial lawn.


  Ann Taylor was asked what happened to the lost dog she found and was trying to find a home for at the Club’s last meeting. Ann said she asked Yolo County Animal Control services to come out to see if the dog had any embedded identity chip. The officer who responded decided to adopt the dog himself. According to Gary BunchChristian Sherrill had lunch from the buffet today, rather than bringing his own to the meeting. Nick Roncoroni was happy his family could have fun at Christmas despite most members getting the flu the week before.Asked for a 2023 stock market prediction, Kevin Haarberg guessed the market will end up increasing about 8% for the year.


 District 5160 Governor Suzanne Bragdon (Fairfield Suisun Rotary Club) was our guest speaker today, giving us a look at Rotary International President Jennifer Jones and what's happening within the District. She told us to be proud of our Club's activities and accomplishments, and encouraged us to remain active. 



Happy New Year!!