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Tabb Randolph

530 304-6652



Help us make this the 'go to place' for all your Rotary information.  Email comments or suggestions to Kris Kristensen, or call 530 304-5641.








Rotary Theme 2020-21




Club Dinner & Auction

Saturday, February 20, 2021





Dear Members,


This year's pandemic has brought us all many new challenges. As we strive for normalcy, your Woodland Rotary Club continues to operate as best it can given the social limitations imposed by law, our government, and healthcare providers.


In that light, this year's charity event has been set for:


Saturday, February 20, 2021


4:00pm-6:00pm Dinner Pick up at First and Bush Streets in downtown Woodland


7:00pm Start time (Greetings, annoucements, acknowledgments, etc.)


7:30pm Auction


8:15pm Winner's Choice Raffle Prize Drawing


I will be your host for the evening with our own Kevin Haarberg as auctioneer.  This year's theme will be " Be true to your School" in keeping with our mission to provide funding for the new scoreboard for the Woodland High School Stadium. The meeting will be held via ZOOM, with meals provided by Kitchen 428 and Cracchiolo's.


Attendees are encouraged to dress in their best high school era attire. Prizes for best attire are likely.  So, dust off your old letterman jacket, pom poms, and athletic supporters to show your high school spirit!  (I am joking about the Athletic Supporters!)




Training for attendance will be provided to members beginning 1/26/21 and through the 2/16/21.  So if you feel a technical challenge, don't worry we have you covered!! Above you will find a link to our event on Eventbrite.  There you will be able to:


  • Sign up to attend this event.
  • Purchase new dinner tickets if not already paid for.
  • Make your meal selections.
  • Identify the time you wish to pick up your meals.
  • Purchase Winner's Choice Raffle Tickets. (Only 150 tickets are available) 


There will be no silent auction this year, since we cannot gather.  There will, however, be an oral auction with items to bid on via ZOOM and the chat feature in ZOOM.  (Will explain later during the 1/26/21 meeting)  


Please sign up early.  Please sign up for you and your guests. If extra meals are desired, please order them here.   There are four options to choose from, in terms of meal selection.  There is a vegetarian option for those that need it.


I will see you then!!



Dan Stroski


Master of Ceremony

  Winner's Choice Raffle



We are raising funds for...




President-elect Dan Stroski reminds us we are raising money with the 2021 Dinner & Auction and the Winner's Choice Raffle to complete the new Scoreboard in the Woodland High School Stadium project. The 2020 Dinner Auction generated $35,000 toward the $71,180 total cost of the Scoreboard. The Club has since been awarded $9,300 in Rotary District 5160 Designation Funds, and a $500 contribution from the Woodland Sunrise Rotary Club for the project.


Our goal is to raise the remaining $26,380

right now!!

Thank you for your support!




January 26th Meeting

Immediate Past President Tony Delevati placed in nomination the names of several members to serve in Club leadership capacities beginning July 1, 2021 (see full list below). These nominations were recommended by past Club presidents (aka 'The Curmudgeons') at a recent meeting. Club members will be asked to vote on the nominations at the Club's next meeting, February 2nd. Shawn Seyk, who was nominated as President-elect, expressed thanks for the Club's support. President Tabb Randolph led today's meeting from his Lahontan perch in Truckee as he contemplates a winter storm approaching.


Nominations of Club Officers

(Effective July 1, 2021)


President......Dan Stroski

President-elect......Shawn Seyk

Treasurer ......Mark Ullrich

Assistant Treasurer......Tom Schwarzgruber

Secretary......Alan Flory


Board of Directors (2020-22)

Gary Bunch, Carl Rodegerdts, and Blair Voelz


Board of Directors (2021-23)

David Pinto, Jayne Williams and Eric Sharp


President-elect Dan Stroski provided an update on how the Club's virtual Dinner & Auction will work on February 20, 2021. This included a review of how oral auction bids will be made over the 'Chat' button during our Zoom broadcast. Jim Nolan is gratefully accepting donations of two bottles of wine from each member for the Wagon of Wine auction item at his law offices at 429 First Street. (Wagon of Wine donations can also be dropped off at Ullrich Delevati CPAs at 433 Second Street, Suite 106; and at Wraith, Scarlett & Randolph at 509 Bush Street.) Kevin Haarberg will once again serve as Auctioneer.



 Chuck Maltese took today's Recognition lead. Blair Voelz was happy about the rain his farm has received recently. Mark Ullrich and wife Audrey were happy to receive their first COVID vaccine shots recently (Chuck & Joyce Maltese and Roy Holmes also received the shots recently). Chuck Moore 'rang the bell' for his recovery from a stroke suffered Jan 19. He was thankful for being able to get to the emergency room quickly and being back to work now.



John Purcell, Founder and CEO of Unfold, was our guest speaker today giving us a look at trends in growing fruits and vegetables, and the 'factory' or 'verticle' farming being done by Unfold. Thanks to Mark Ullrich, fellow United Way Capitol Region Board membr with John, for introducing this interesting program. For more information about Unfold visit: https://unfold.ag/about




January 19th Meeting

President Tabb Randolph offered up today's Inspiration of the Day...


'It always seems impossible, until it is done.'

 - Nelson Mandela




 President-elect Dan Stroski gave us an update on what his Auction Committee is working up for our Dinner Auction on Saturday, February 20, 2021. Peter Holmes celebrated his 61st birthday on January 6 (Fresno). Karl Diekman led Recognition today with questions about what we missed during the recent holidays. Immediate Past President Tony Delevati will (finally!) be leading a meeting of past Club Presidents on Thursday, January 21 to prepare nominations of Club officers effective July 1, 2021 for presentation to the Club.



Carol Duty, Executive Director, Spero (formerly Pregnancy Support Group), located in Woodland, was our guest program speaker today giving us a presentation on the Group's mission, services and funding. Thanks to Lori Ross for arranging and introducing this interesting program. For more information visit: www.sperohope.com 



Woodland Rotary Supports

Imagination Library

Tom Schwarzgruber reports Woodland Rotarians have already donated $1,835 since the Woodland Rotary Endowment announced last month that it has set aside $1,700 to match member donations to United Way's Imagination Library Project. Contributing members include Clyde Brooker, Tony Delevati, Karl Diekman, Marc Faye, Alan Flory, Marie Galbo, Ernie Hodges, Roy Holmes, Kris Kristensen, Chuck Maltese, Tabb Randolph, Tom Schwarzgruber, Blair Voelz and Gary Wegener, as well as Modesto Rotarian Amy Wolfe.




Club Virtual

Christmas Party

December 17


Woodland Rotary Noon Club 2020 Video

by Dan Stroski


View Full Sized Video 




 More pictures from the Christmas Party

can be seen in the 'Photo Gallery'

(blue column on the left of this page).




What Does Rotary Do?

We improve people's lives, locally and globally, through service.



View Full Size Video




Polio Plus Update

from Gary Wirth



Rotary District 5160 has decided more emphasis must be placed on our efforts to eliminate Polio right now. At this time the only two countries containing active Polio viruses are Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Polio virus has been mutating making it all the more difficult to keep ahead of the spread. We’re getting closer - just 3 weeks ago there had been no new cases for the previous 3 weeks. However, since that time a couple more cases have been reported in each country. To help stay on top of this outbreak a new modified vaccine has been developed to attack this “wild” form of the Polio Virus.


To focus member attention on the severity of the need, District 5160 has founded the PolioPlus Society and encourages all members who want to play a bigger part in the battle against this terrible disease, to join up. To join the Society you must simply pledge to donate $100 per year to the Rotary Foundation's Polio Plus program. These donations also count towards your Paul Harris status with Rotary.  Those interested please contact Gary Wirth for the form and proper methodology to guide the donation to your target.  Tel/text: 530 662-3429; email:gfwirth@sbcglobal.net  




Rotarians on a 'Hunt'


Blair Voelz reports he and Seth Wurzel met Pete Martin on November 22 at the UCD Student Farm and enjoyed a 'hunt' with Pete's trained Harris Hawk 'Zeva'. This was an auction item donated by Pete and Don Hildebrant at our Club's 2020 Dinner Auction and purchased by Blair & Seth. Blair says Zeva and another trained bird, working as a team under Pete's instructions, were able to flush out and kill three jackrabbits in the effort. Meat from the hunt is saved and will be used as feed for the birds later.



Rotary Calgary Nicaragua Project


This project involves establishing a UNICAM or “University in the Country” in the Nicaraguan municipality of Tuma-La Dalia (located approximately 100 miles northeast of Nicaragua’s capital of Managua) to train local high school graduates to become qualified dentists, optometrists, and family doctors and provide care for a medically underserved population of approximately 300,000 people. The training duration will be 5 years for dentists and optometrists and 6 years for family doctors, and result in providing 30 physicians, 15 dentists, and 15 optometrists. University of Managua faculty members will provide training for these students, all of whom are from this region, and most of whom are likely to remain after graduation.


Due to problems associated with the COVID pandemic, the starting date was delayed from February 2020 until July 2020. This project’s model is considered so successful and its sustainability so likely that 3 more UNICAM training programs are already being planned for this region. Responding to a request for additional funding from the International Host Rotary Club of Calgary (Canada), the Rotary Club of Woodland made a contribution and solicited additional financial support from other Rotary clubs in our area, as well as several individual donors. We collected a total of $5000 USD which has been forwarded to the Rotary Club of Calgary. This sum will allow purchase of badly needed teaching equipment. The total funding for this global grant project is $212,399.


At a recent Club meeting, Board member Jim McGibbon

gave a verbal update on our Club’s efforts in this Rotary project.

This is a written version of that report.





Kenya WASH Project


At their October 2020 meeting, our Club’s Board of Directors approved Club participation in the Kenya WASH project to improve Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) at the Karen C Primary School in Karen, Kenya. This is a Rotary Global Grant proposal sponsored by the Rotary Club of Karen (Karen, Kenya; http://rotaryclubofkaren.org/ Rotary District 9212) to make improvements needed at the Karen C Primary School in Karen which serves 1200 students, 50 teachers and a community of 500 residents by installing water storage tanks, plumbing, wash stations, modern toilets, and training students and teachers and otherwise creating a communitywide awareness on hygiene, water usage and sanitation.



Karen is a suburb of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. Karen Blixen, the author of the colonial memoir ‘Out of Africa’ owned a farm where much of the suburb now stands. While we in this country take clean water for granted, in Karen water is a precious necessity and scarce. Facilities at this school are basic & aging, and include urinal and pit latrines.


The project consists of two phases: Phase One involves putting up large, steel water storage tanks, connecting plumbing to and from tanks, and portable washing facilities. Phase Two buys new toilets and sinks, the buildings to house them, as well as a large capacity septic tank. Phase One costs total approximately $40,000, while Phase Two costs are estimated at $75,000.


Our Club’s approval includes agreeing to serve as the international sponsor for Phase One of the project and to contribute a maximum of $5,000 in a Phase One local match once the District & Global Grants are approved. Remaining Phase One funding is expected from the Rotary Club of Karen - $5,000 in a local match; Rotary Foundation Global Grant funding (applied for by both clubs) - $20,000; and District 5160 Designated Funds - $10,000. In addition to funding, our Club will also provide oversight, monitoring and managing the Global Grant and reporting the project progress to all involved. A Committee including Blair Voelz (chair), President Tabb Randolph, Karl Diekman, Tom Schwarzgruber, Gary Wirth and Jayne Williams will oversee the Club’s involvement in this project.


Our Board is seeking member donations to make up most, if not all, of our Phase One local match. So far, donations from our Club members to the Kenya WASH Project have exceeded $4,000. Interested members can make donations by any of the following ways:


  • Make a check payable to the ‘Woodland Rotary Endowment’ (note the ‘Kenya WASH Project’), and mail to Tom Schwarzgruber at P.O. Box 31 Woodland CA 95776; or

  • Make a donation payment to the Club  through Venmo (note the ‘Kenya WASH Project’); or

  • Make a donation by PayPal or a credit card on the Club’s website designating the Woodland Rotary Endowment (note the ‘Kenya WASH Project’). If using this method please consider adding $3 to the donation amount to cover PayPal fees.


Member contributions will be held in the Endowment’s account until the Global Grant and District 5160 Designated Funds for the project have been approved.







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