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Rotary Theme 2020-21




What Does Rotary Do?

We improve people's lives, locally and globally, through service.




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Mystery Golf 2020


The 2020 Rotary Mystery Golf Trip (finally!) took over 40 Woodland Rotarians and guests to River Oaks Golf Club (formerly Rio La Paz GC) in Nicolaus on September 16. Thanks to coordinators Chuck Maltese and Chuck Santoni (Sunrise Rotary) for making the arrangements!




September 15th Meeting 


President Tabb Randolph gave us an update on issues being addressed by the Club's Board of Directors.



With Recognition led by Mark Ullrich, talk centered around the NFL. Blair Voelz is predicting a 49ers/Raiders Super Bowl. Seth Wurzel is still confident his NY Giants will come around. Though raised in Michigan with time spent in Chicago, Chuck Maltese is not a fan of either the Lions or Bears. Ernie Hodges is a Washington football fan...the team to be named again later!





 Sheila Hurst, District 5160 International Service Chair and Redding West Rotarian, was our guest speaker today, providing us with a program on 'International Service - A Different Perspective'.  Shiela was joined by Donna Boyd (upper right) of the Mount Shasta Rotary Club, Skip McCowan of the Rotary Club of Lamorinda, Joy Alaidarous (lower left) of the Rotary Club of Rossmoor, and Aska Asif (lower right) from Rotary International in making the presentation. Thanks to PDG Karl Diekman who arranged for and introduced the program, as well as discussing Rotary Fellowships and Action Groups. To view the handouts used in this presentation go to the program listing for this meeting (via blue column at top left of this page).



September 8th Meeting



To get our meeting started, President Tabb Randolph asked President-elect Dan Stroski to lead our Pledge of Allegiance today. Tabb offered the following Inspirational Thought for the Day: 'I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.' The author was Steven Covey, American educator who wrote 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.' Tabb highlighted Winter's Rotary Greater Winters Fire Relief Fund and how to make a donation. He also mentioned that Clancy Duppong is looking for more Meals on Wheels volunteers. If interested contact Clancy or Tabb.




Jim Nolan led the way on Recognition today. Chuck Moore celebrated a birthday on Sep 6 by making some BBQ salmon. Alan Flory was happy his roofing project has been completed. President-elect Dan Stroski enjoyed Labor Day by smoking some ribs. IPP Tony Delevati rang the bell in announcing he attended his granddaughter's first birthday over the weekend. Blair Voelz spent the Labor Day weekend cleaning the solar panels on his roof and making some BBQ. Aniek Ramsay woke up Saturday morning and found water on her floor. She had to get her water heater replaced. Dick Hoppin had a great time attending his granddaughter's modified wedding in Elk Grove. Gary Wegener enjoyed his granddaughter's 2nd birthday virtually.




Mike Chandler was our program speaker today, giving us a look at 'Cruising is Never Boring'. Mike and wife Randi have extensive experience in taking cruises. While the cruising industry is currently on hold during the pandemic, Mike finds it an excellent way to travel.



Luna Vista Rotary -

Brewfest at Home Series



 Since the pandemic has caused the cancellation of Luna Vista Rotary's Brewfest this year, they have announced a new Yolo Brewfest at Home Series this year. See details above.




Chuck's Corner   

Words of wisdom from our own  

 Chuck Maltese



9/1/2020 - A good percentage of us collect items.  I am one of those but I am a little weird.  I collect sayings off of license plate holders (remember them—new vehicles make it harder to apply).  And, society has moved on to bigger and better things.  Here’s examples of what I am talking about: 

+  Gardeners know the best dirt

+  Dry cleaners hit the spot

+  Horse lovers are stable people

+  Engineers are better by design

+  Psychics do it with spirit

+  Geologists do it to a fault

I have 57 of them but haven’t seen one in a long time.

AND I also collect country western song titles (all of these I have heard on the radio).  I have over 100 of these after collecting for 20 years. Here are some recent ones:

+  I don’t look good naked anymore

+  I can’t be with a women who gets drunker than me

+  She even woke me up to say good bye

+  I am not too old to cut the mustard, I’m just too tired to spread it around

+  Now that we are miserable, I hope you’re happy

+  You’re the reason our kids are so ugly

Hope this brought I smile to your face.  Stay happy and safe (wear your mask)



Winters Fire Relief Fund



The Rotary Club of Winters CA (also a District 5160 Club) is raising funds to assist victims of the LNU Lightening Complex Fire. To learn more and to make a donation visit https://www.facebook.com/donate/869338863474292/,

or mail a check made payable to the 'Rotary Club of Winters Foundation' to the Rotary Club of Winters Foundation, P.O. Box 565 Winters CA 95694.




Thanks from El Grullo, Mexico


President Tabb Randolph shared a letter he recently received from the Rotary Club of Guadalajara Mexico thanking our Club for its 'unwavering commitment and patience' in the three year effort to get the donated fire truck (the Triple Whammy) to the El Grullo, Mexico Fire Department.



Steve Venables Installed

as American Legion Post 77



Congratulations to our own Steve Venables, a US Army veteran and 2005-06 Club President, who was recently installed as the 101st Post Commander of Woodland's Post 77 of the American Legion. See the Daily Democrat's August 7th article of the event.




Scott Randolph -

Rest in Peace


Tragedy has struck the family of Club President Tabb Randolph, as his brother, Scott Randolph, passed away from injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident on August 4. Click here to view the Daily Democrat obituary.




Woodland High School

Scoreboard Project Update



President-elect Dan Stroski reports our Club has been awarded $9,300 in 2020-21 District 5160 Designation Funds toward our effort to fund the $71,180 needed for the new scoreboard in the Woodland High School Stadium project. The 2020 Dinner Auction generated $35,000 for the Scoreboard. We also have a $500 commitment from the Sunrise Club. Our Club Board has agreed to upfront the remaining $26,380 for the Scoreboard, with the amount to be replenished from the 2021 Dinner Auction proceeds.



Meet Our Newest Member -

Jayne Williams




Ms. Jayne Williams has been advocating for 'unseen' young people most of her adult life. Originating from Colorado Springs, Colorado, Jayne struck out for California on her own in 1975 at the age of 18 and landed her first job connected with young people - working for the California School Boards Association. Later she worked for the State Assembly Ways and Means Committee (Chair, Assembly Member Vasconcellos).


As a young mother of two, Jayne actively volunteered within the Sacramento City Unified School District, where she helped establish Leonardo DiVinci K-8 as the first magnet school within the district, designed to reflect and serve a broad demographic.


Beginning in 1995, Jayne spent five years on contract with the Anti-Defamation League to provide diversity training for Northern California public school teachers.


During this period, Jayne also acquired private sector business experience by spending seven years building a computer service business with her husband.


From 2001 through 2012, Jayne was employed by First Covenant Church in Rancho Cordova (over 3,000 members) to establish and manage an innovative, after-school program for low-income children and families. Jayne also administered a recovery program for individuals battling addiction, depression, and life's struggles.  Jayne built the membership of this program from three to over eighty active participants during her tenure. Additionally, Jayne developed a curriculum for life skills equipping classes and conducted these courses regularly.


Jayne was a Sacramento Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) and a Sacramento County Sheriff's Chaplain for Grant High School, both volunteer positions.


2013 through 2015, Jayne was employed by the Shoulder-to-Shoulder organization centered in Del Paso Heights, CA, to help develop a mentoring program for fatherless boys. 


In 2015, Jayne founded All Leaders Must Serve – a wraparound concept of a clubhouse/training center for socially, emotionally, and economically disadvantaged youth that integrates (1) mentoring, (2) work ethic/business skills training, (3) business network, and (4) community resources.



Club Assists in Gift of Masks



Kendra Martin of Dignity Health in Woodland accepts the gift from Shengie (Andy) Sun.


President-elect Dan Stroski reports the Rotary Club of Woodland has assisted in the donation of 1,000 brand new face masks to Dignity Health of Woodland to help protect first responders from the Covid 19 virus.

While Rotary International's philanthropy is well known, the circumstances of this gift were unusual. The masks were purchased and donated by a Chinese couple from Beijing whose son, Shengie (Andy) Sun, is currently attending Woodland Christian High School. When Mr. & Mrs. Sun became aware Covid 19 had reached Woodland, they offered to purchase and ship 1,000 masks as a donation. This act of kindness and generosity was not only to help protect their son, but the community in which he lives as well.

When Dan, who is Andy’s host father, received word of the generous offer he consulted the family and everyone decided an international gift from folks in China to folks here in Woodland was a good idea.  With this gift, it was hoped to show that, despite the vast distance between our two communities and their differing governing styles, we all are in this together. A simple act of kindness goes a long way.


It is hoped the masks will be distributed throughout Yolo County and given to those agencies most in need.


View related Daily Democrat article on page B3 in the July 18, 2020 edition: http://woodlanddailydemocrat.ca.newsmemory.com/?publink=114046963




Message from Club President 2020-21

Tabb Randolph



Fellow Rotarians,


THANK YOU for the opportunity to lead our Club over the next 12 months.  We live in unprecedented times, unlike any other in our 94-year history!  Can you believe the Woodland Rotary Club has been in existence since 1926!  Rotary is an amazing organization that reaches out to all corners of the world, with no limitations on race, color, ethnicity, gender – Rotary is inclusive, not exclusive!!


I have been a member of the Club for nearly 35 years.  Yes, at one time I WAS the kids table, but those days are in the rearview mirror now!!  I was brought into the Club by late Rotarian Bob Moeller, who passed away last year in a tragic auto accident.  Bob was well known in the club for not being able to pronounce member names when he was the fine master – we had a lot of laughs at Bob’s expense!  I am forever grateful to Bob who saw this young kid trying to get established in the business world, he took a chance inviting me to a Woodland Rotary meeting, at the Bowling Alley in those days, and has forever changed my life!  I decided to join Rotary because of the opportunities it offered me personally, to meet like business owners in the community, get involved in community service projects, and finally, to have an impact globally with programs such as Polio Plus!  Over the years I have been approached to consider taking on this task, and my typical response was always, “I’ll do it the year AFTER Tom Schwarzgruber”!  Well, Tom has won, I have relented, and my time has come!  I remember when Peter Holmes came to my door that one wintery evening and asked me to come with him – that was nearly 2 years ago, and I thought – 2 years is a long time into the future……Well, here we are today…..WE GOT THIS!


A little about myself, I have been married to my wife Nancy for 33 years.  We have two grown children, son Ryan (27) works in sales for Cisco Air Systems, Inc out of Sacramento.  Our daughter Paige (22) is in her final year at Penn State University majoring in Business and Marketing.  Ironically, Paige has done her entire college education via ZOOM!  I have spent my working career, 41 years, in the insurance industry with our company, Wraith, Scarlett & Randolph Insurance Services, Inc.


It appears we will be meeting via ZOOM for the foreseeable future.   I would like to say that we will be back meeting in person at the Hotel Woodland in the coming weeks – but evidently, we are still a long way from this happening.  Our current Club membership is around 63 members – we are only averaging 28-30 participants each week on our ZOOM calls.  I would really like to see this number increase.  We will be reaching out over the coming weeks  to members who have not been participating in our ZOOM calls to see what we can do to get you engaged – we miss seeing you and would really love to have you join us once again.


If you have made it to the end of this message, I have one simple request, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, reach out to me with any questions, concerns, suggestions you might have.  I will be reaching out to members myself seeking advice and help in making our ZOOM calls a little more interactive – I do not want to be the lone voice; I want to see the membership be engaged as well.


Yours in Rotary,


Tabb Randolph

President 2020-21







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