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Photos - Annual - 2024 Jan-Jun
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May 28th Meeting


 With President Karl Diekman and President-elect Bob Nakken away at the Rotary International Convention, soon to be President-elect Aniek Plager took charge of today's meeting (her first!). Shawn Seyk was our program speaker today providing us with an update on efforts to create new soccer fields in Woodland. 





Postcards from Singpore -

2024 Rotary International Convention


  The Convention Center in Singapore.


 The House of Friendship including a visit to Mobile Clinics in Ukraine. 


The Opening Session alongside two attendees from Metz, France. Calum Scott performed.



 President Karl attended a People of Action Award Dinner where Dr. Walley Temple (Rotary Club of Calgary, Canada) was recognized for his work on Cervical Cancer Prevention in Central America which our Club supported. 



May 21st Meeting


 With President Karl Diekman traveling this week, President-elect Bob Nakken presided over today's smaller than normal meeting.  Bob will be joining Karl in attending the 2024 Rotary International Convention next week in Singapore.



 Marie Galbo introduced Bet Reeder as her guest today. Brian Dwyer introduced his guest today, Greta Eoff, Executive Director, Yolo County Association of Realtors.


 Tom Schwarzgruber enjoyed a recent trip to Boston and a subsequent cruise along with Tabb Randolph and their wives. With the pot at $561 and 13 cards remaining, visiting Woodland Sunrise Rotarian Byron MacConnell was shocked he only won a free lunch. Gary Bunch took charge of today's Recognition. Bob Nakken reported the Club has likely earned $40,000 from the 2024 Dinner Auction, and is involved in applying a District grant to supplement the Club's contribution to completing the FFA Auction Arena Project at the Fairgrounds. Bob went on to say the Woodland Sunrise Club has also pledged to support that project. 


  Jayne Williams 'rang the bell' after returning from a great trip to Italy with her husband JeffLisa Martinez-Dunham returned after an extended absence following a difficult tax season and celebrating her 43rd birthday on May 7. In his first full meeting as a member Chris Stamm 'rang the bell' for the care his 84 year old mother received following a fall in April which fractured her hip and elbow, and caused a huge wound to her eye. After two surgeries at Kaiser in Vacaville, and a month Alderson's Convalescent Hospital in Woodland, his mom returned home Saturday where she can walk with a walker. Dick Hoppin announced the recent birth of his 7th great grandchild, Owen. When challenged by Gary Bunch to tell us the names of all his great grandchildren, Dick remembered most of them!



 Brian Pakpour, Managing Partner, Pakpour Banks LLP in Davis, was our guest speaker today, reviewing 'New Developments in California Family Law'.  Thanks to Program Coordinator Wendy Casas-Raviotta for arranging for and introducing today's speaker. https://pakpourbanks.com/





Meet Our New Member - Angela Lynn


 Angela Lynn, sponsored by Brian Dwyer, was installed as a new member of the Club on May 14, 2024 by President Karl Diekman. At our request, Angela provided us with the following bio. If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to introduce yourself to Angela when you meet and welcome her to the Club.


Born and raised in Woodland, CA (a fourth generation “Vannucci”), I graduated Woodland High School in 1997, played volleyball at Yuba Community College for 2-years, then transferred to Colorado School of Mines in 2000 to finish my volleyball career and my bachelor’s degree in economics.


In 2003, I moved back to California and started my career in private-money lending, where I then obtained my master’s in accountancy, and my California Real Estate Broker license. Earlier this year, my husband (Michael Lynn) and I launched Lynn Capital Partners right here in my hometown and began exploring opportunities to plug-in into the community.


Lynn Capital Partners (“LCP”) is a nationwide, private-money mortgage brokerage, with the goal to meet an immediate financing need for our clients. However, the heart of LCP is to be a place of partnership, where new and seasoned professionals work together on building strong foundations in business and in their communities, through the channel of private-money lending.   After attending a few Rotary meetings after being invited by long-time friend Brian Dwyer, it became apparent Rotary would be a perfect fit!


With all that being said, I am truly honored and excited to be a formal Rotarian, and looking forward to getting plugged in!




Meet Our New Member - Chris Stamm



 Chris Stamm, sponsored by Steve Venables, was installed as a new member of the Club on May 14, 2024 by President Karl Diekman. At our request, Chris provided us with the following bio. If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to introduce yourself to Chris when you meet and welcome him to the Club.


I was born in Chicago and moved to Conroe, Texas with my family when I was six. Later, I graduated from the University of Texas (Hook 'em Horns!) and began a career in sales. In 2017 after 23 years, I decided to retire early so I could embark on some new adventures. Shortly after retiring my wife Janis, a California girl, appeared in life.  We have been together for six wonderful years.


Coming from a family of servant leaders, Janis encouraged me to get more involved with the community and soon found myself joining the Rotary Club as well being a Salvation Army volunteer and later a board member. This is where I discovered a real sense of purpose that had been lacking in my life.


In December 2023, after calling the Lone Star state home for 46 years, we decided to load up the wagon and head west to California so she could be closer to her parents.  We are both active members of the Davis Odd Fellows lodge. We also love wine tastings, hiking, and supporting the nonprofit Janis founded - Unleashing the Possibilities - which is working on building a new animal shelter for YOLO county. 


We love it here in Woodland and I am excited about our future!



WHS Interact Thanks

Healthcare Service Providers


 Jayne Williams reports the Woodland High School Interact Club, which our Woodland Rotary Club supports, recently recognized service providers at Woodland Memorial Hospital/Dignity Health by making handmade 'thank you' cards and attaching them to carnations. The Club then visited the hospital's three floors and personally distributed 30 carnations and 40 thank you cards to staff members. 



May 14th Meeting


 President Karl Diekman welcomed us back to the Hotel Woodland for our meeting today. He reported the Club's Board of Directors has approved a $10 per year increase in Club dues to a new total of $210 for the 2024-25 year starting this July. This is in response to a $5 per year increase in per member dues charged the Club by both Rotary International and District 5160. Similarly, the Club Board has approved increasing the price of the dinner ticket to $70 per person for the 2025 Dinner Auction (it was $60 this year) to offset the increasing cost of putting on this event. Club members are required to purchase four Dinner Auction dinner tickets for this annual event. To 'incentivize early commitment' the Board has priced those tickets at $60 each ($240 total) for those purchased by August 1, 2024. These increased costs will appear in the dues invoices to be delivered to members next month. 


President Karl also announced the Lamorinda Sunrise Rotary Club will lead a team for the 6th time to Guatemala from October 6-17, 2024. The team will include up to 15 members made up of Rotarians, family members and friends and clubs from throughout District 5160. If you want to join the team contact Jack 'Skip' McGowan at 925-989-7677 or at jackbmccowan@gmail.com 



 Chris Stamm, sponsored by Steve Venables, and Angela Lynn, sponsored by Brian Dwyer, were installed as new members of the Club today by President Karl and Membership Committee Chair Yvette Roy


 Visiting Rotarians Raylene Ewing and Denny Patrick from the Luna Vista Club joined us today. With the pot at $534 and 14 cards left, Brian Dwyer found a free lunch. Thanks to Program Chair Wendy Casas for arranging for and introducing today's program speaker. 


Blair Voelz celebrated his 74th birthday on May 7th (Lansing MI). Ernie Hodges celebrated his 77th birthday on May 9th (Sevierville TN).  Gary Bunch, who is set to become Club Secretary on July 1st, announced that Kevin Haarberg has enthusiastically accepted taking over as Club Recognition Chair for the coming year; and Dan Stroski volunteered to take over running the weekly raffle. Dick Hoppin celebrated his 84th birthday on May 6th (Oakland) and so did his sister!



 Dan Stroski was in charge of Recognition today, asking questions about Mother's Day. Preston Schaub and his wife Leslie enjoyed a recent vacation trip to Scotland.  President-elect Bob Nakken has a busy month trying to fill committee assignments for next year, and getting ready to travel to Singapore for the Rotary International Convention. He and his family enjoyed a nice Mother's Day at the SF Giants game.



 David Greenwald, Founder, Editor and Executive Director of Davis Vanguard, was our guest speaker today, providing us with a look at 'Everyday Injustice in Local Courts'. More information about the Davis Vanguard and their work on Everyday Injustice can be found on their website: https://www.davisvanguard.org/





May 7th Meeting - Visit to Velocity Island Park


President Karl Diekman convened our May 7th meeting at Woodland's Velocity Island Park off East Street. 




Meet Our New Member -

Reggie Powell


 Reginald 'Reggie' Powell, sponsored by Shawn Seyk, was installed as a new member of the Club on April 16, 2024 by President-elect Bob Nakken. At our request, Reggie provided us with the following bio. If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to introduce yourself to Reggie when you meet and welcome him to the Club.


Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to serve my community. It started with the Cub Scouts and then I continued on to the Boy Scouts of America where I earned the rank of Eagle Scout. Since then, I have become a passionate servant of the community with a diverse background in the service industry. From my early days as a chef in prestigious resorts, to answering the call as a firefighter, I’ve dedicated my life to serving others. However, my journey didn’t stop there. Driven by a desire to make a lasting impact, I ventured into real estate and found my true calling – helping families find their perfect homes while contributing to the betterment of our community.


 Woodland holds a special place in my heart. My wife, Blythe, and I chose this vibrant community to start our family years ago, and we’ve never looked back. With three wonderful kids – FinnEllie, and our newest addition, Baby Grace – we cherish every moment spent exploring the parks, museums, and endless treasures that this region has to offer. We feel incredibly blessed to raise our children in such a warm and welcoming environment, and we’re excited to watch them grow up in this community.


Community service is a core part of my life. I am a member of our local Rotary club and I also volunteer in town with several organizations. I put my all into everything I do in life. I look forward to contributing as much as possible to this great community.




Woodland Rotary Mystery Golf

Travels to Teal Bend GC



 The 18th edition of the Woodland Rotary Mystery Golf Trip took 47 golfers a short distance to play the familiar confines of Teal Bend Golf Course just west of the Sacramento International Airport on May 1st. The windy round of golf was followed by a nice lunch at the nearby Alamar Marina. Thanks to our two Chucks (Chuck Maltese of the Noon Club, and Chuck Santoni of Woodland Sunrise Rotary) for organizing a great outing!




April 30th Meeting


 President Karl Diekman convened a smaller than usual crowd at our first Club meeting following our very successful Annual Dinner. Jim McGibbon presented the Woodland Rotary Endowment with a check for $1,000 in honor of his late wife Susie's love of and dedication to community service. Lori Ross put in $20 for all that Susie McGibbon did for the community. 


 Brian Dwyer introduced his guest, prospective new Club member Angela Lynn, Lynn Capital Group. Ann Taylor is interested in attending the Sacramento Host Breakfast on Thursday morning, May 9, (7:30am-9am) at the Sacramento Convention Center, and is hoping go with someone who also plans to attend (https://advocacy.calchamber.com/news/summit/)  

Steve Venables introduced his guest, prospective new Club member, Chris Stamm, who recently moved to Woodland from Houston TX. Lori Ross introduced her guests, son, Derek Macias (left) and Joey Garcia.


Christian Sherrill got an early warning on his 20th anniversary with wife Holidae (Woodland) on May 8. President-elect Bob Nakken celebrated his 72nd birthday on April 27 (Woodland). Following today's inspiring program, Kevin Haarberg conducted a brief auction to sell a pickleball paddle set from Edward Jones to the highest bidder. Gary Bunch got the set for $100, to the benefit of the Club. With the pot at $509 and 15 cards in the deck, Aniek Pflager found a free lunch. 


 Christian Sherrill missed the Dinner Auction to attend his son's Little League game where he hit a home run over the newly raised fences. Gena Bravo enjoyed a fun evening at the Dinner Auction. Eric Sharp had a great week of golfing at Indian Wells, followed by a three day visit in San Diego with his daughter who is at college there. Tim Pettit also missed the Dinner Auction as he just returned from a wonderful visit with his sons in New York that included a trip up the Hudson River Valley. Ernie Hodges was thankful to get the chance to play some golf with friend Buzz Landis, the first time for Ernie in five years. 



Woodland Sunrise Rotarian Phil Marler was our guest speaker today giving us an extended look at 'Pickleball in Woodland'. More information about pickleball can be found though the Woodland Area Pickleball Association (WAPA) Facebook page  at https://www.facebook.com/woodlandpickleball/




2024 Woodland Rotary Dinner Auction




Woodland Rotary's 2024 Dinner & Auction on Saturday, April 27 was a BIG SUCCESS!! About 200 members and guests enjoyed an evening at the California Agriculture Museum raising over $40,000 for three local charities supporting local youth. 











April 23rd Meeting



 President Karl Diekman returned to lead today's meeting. Rob Beggs celebrated his 69th birthday on April 21. Gary Bunch reminded us May 2nd is the Big Day of Giving and asked us to consider supporting Jayne Williams' All Leaders Must Serve for its work with local youth. Gary also celebrated a birthday on April 21st, his 71st (Woodland).



 Brian Dwyer introduced his guest and prospective new Club member, Angela Lynn, Lynn Capital Group. Steve Venables introduced his guest, Chris Stamm, a recent Woodland resident from Houston TX who had just submitted his application to become a Club member. Woodland Sunrise Rotarian Byron MacConnell visited us again today. 




 Chuck Maltese took charge of today's Recognition with questions about popular song titles, singers from hearing a portion of the lyrics. But first we had happy time. Jayne Williams and her husband Jeff are ready for their vacation trip. Mark Ullrich was especially happy this past tax season is over. Jim McGibbon was proud his native Canada was now generating excellent basketball players such as Shai Gilgeous-Alexander of the Oklahoma CityThunder and Jamal Murray of the Denver Nuggets. who are both in this year's NBA playoffs. Newest Rotarian Reggie Powell did not know the lyrics from 'Heartbreak Hotel'. Yvette Roy not only knew the lyrics from 'My Girl' by the Temptations, but she also sang the song and showed off some steppin out dance moves too, so Chuck paid her fine. Chuck also paid the fine for Rob Beggs who knew the lyrics to 'Sounds of Silence' by Simon & Garfunkel and sang the tune. Chuck Bruns knew the lyrics to 'Under the Boardwalk' by the Drifters, but he got the answer from Blair Voelz, so Blair had to pay the fine. 



 Salvatore 'Sal' Giambono, Criminal Defense Attorney, Honeychurch & Giambona Attorneys at Law, Fairfield CA, was our guest speaker today, giving us a look at 'Self Defense in the Law' and how the traditional concepts of self defense are being challanged these days. Thanks to Program Coordinator Wendy Casas for arranging for and introducing our speaker.




April 16th Meeting


President Karl Diekman was away so President-elect Bob Nakken led our meeting today. Rotary Gracers Dan Stroski and Steve Venables helped everyone with the lyrics. 



 Reggie Powell, Realtor with Keller Williams Realty, was inducted as our Club's newest member today. Reggie was sponsored by Shawn Seyk


 Jim Nolan thanked everyone involved in making the Open World visit by the delegation from Ukraine a very successful hosting project for the Club. We got some sad news as Mike Russell and family will be moving (back) to St. Louis later this year as he accepts a new role with Edward Jones. 



 Club Secretary Aniek Plager and Tabb Randolph gave updates about the Dinner Auction coming up in 11 days. They emphasized the need for every member to register their dinner tickets for the event by this Friday using the Eventbrite link above on the website, so an accurate head count can be provided to the caterer. In the spirit of assisting our partner organizations, Yvette Roy shared information about Yolo Crisis Nursery's Run for the Roses fundraiser on May 4. The full flyer can be viewed on Special Events Calendar on this website.


 Brian Dwyer introduced his guest and prospective new member Angela Lynn, Lynn Capital GroupSteve Venables introduced his guest, former Rotarian (Rotary Club of Conroy TX) Chris Stamm who recently moved to Woodland from Houston TX. Visiting Rotarian Byron MacConnell (Woodland Sunrise) joined us today. Wendy Casas-Raviotta introduced her guest, Brielle Mansell, Managing Attorney, Legal Services of Northern California. Jeff Burger was happy his son Ryan Burger was a guest today, and his father George Burger was also here today. 



 Eric Sharp had some great fishing lately. Shawn Seyk took his Woodland Soccer Club 07G Orange Team to Morgan Hill this past weekend to compete in the CA RUSH CUP; they took 1st place winning the final in overtime. Tabb Randolph crossed off an item on his 'bucket list' by attending the Saturday and Sunday rounds of the Master Golf Tournament in Augusta GA with his son this past weekend. Don Huff III 'rang the bell" for the dove hunting, drinking Malbec and eating good steaks in Argentina these past two weeks. Kris Kristensen 'rang the bell' for enjoying a week of sailing in the Bahamas last week aboard the new 45' catamaran his niece and her husband recently acquired. 



 Sara Pelle, CEO, Yolo County Fair, 40th Agriculture Association, was our guest speaker today providing us with an extensive look at the Yolo County Fair. Thanks to Program Coordinator Wendy Casas for arranging for and introducing today's program. More information about the Fair is available at https://www.yolocountyfair.net/p/community/pressrelease; and https://www.yolocountyfair.net/




April 9th Meeting - 

Visit by Open World Delegation

from Ukraine


 President Karl Diekman greets Open World delegates at today's meeting. Our Club has been participating in the Open World Program from April  5-13 by hosting a delegation of military and legal professionals from Ukraine who are here on the theme of 'War Crimes and Prosecuting War Criminals'. The Host families are: Jim & Barbara NolanGary Wegener & Joanie TauzerMike & Randi ChandlerDan & Virginia Stroski; and Tom & Gail SchwarzgruberCraig & Yvette Roy also opened their home to host a farewell dinner for the delegation. 



 The six member delegation from Ukraine were: (clockwise from the upper left) Olena Balzhyk, Judge, Izmail City Court in the Odesa Region (standing with Judge Balzhyk is the group's interpreter, Alexander Krainiy); Stanislav Cherednyk, a colonel in the Ukrainian army investigating incoming Russian missiles and drones; Inna Zavorotho, a lieutenant colonel and lawyer in the Ukrainian army investigating Russian war crimes; Mykola Mazur, Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Ukraine; Vitalii Sashchuk, a prosecutor investigating war crimes; and Uliana Pashynna, legal advisor, USAID Justice For All Activity and organizer of the delegation.




 The delegation provided a short video showing some of the horrors of the war with Russia. After delegates introduced themselves they sang the Ukrainian national anthem. Woodland City Council Member Tom Stallard presented the delegates with a proclamation from the City of Woodland honoring them and pledging support for Ukraine. See the April 9th Splinter edition for more information on the visit by the delegation from Ukraine. 


 More about Rotary Open World Program


 Lots of guests today. Jim Nolan introduced his guests, wife Barbara Nolan (not pictured), work assistants Karen Hendricks and Audre Ullrich, and Col. Lance Blanco, National Guard. Brain Dwyer introduced prospective new member Angela LynnOwner, Lynn Capital GroupSteve Venables introduced his guest, Chris Stamm, who recently moved to Woodland from Houston TX. Shawn Seyk introduced his guest and prospective new member Reggie Powell, Realtor with Keller Williams RealtyTim Pettit introduced his wife NadineTom Schwarzgruber introduced his wife GailWill Anderson, and Woodland City Councilmember Tom StallardGary Wegener introduced his wife Joanie Tauzer


 Roger Kohlmeier and Chuck Maltese both celebrated their 84th birthdays on April 8. Steve Venables was born on April 6 'many years ago', and got an early warning for his 50th wedding anniversary with wife Lydia on April 15. 




April 2nd Meeting


 Today's meeting had a good turnout. Shawn Seyk introduced his guest and prospective new member Reggie Powell, who turned in his membership papers for consideration. Steve Venables introduced his guest Chris Stamm who moved to Woodland with his wife from Texas about 3 months ago. Kris Kristensen introduced his friend of 50 years Jim Giottonini visiting from Sparks NV. Brian Dwyer introduced his guests: Greta Eoff. Executive Director, Yolo County Association of Realtors; and Angela Lynn, Owner, Lynn Capital Group. Visiting Rotarians with us today were Don Sharp and Byron MacConnell (Woodland Sunrise) and Tracy Vicario (Portland Pearl OR). 



 Back from Spring training in Arizona, Tabb Randolph gave us an update on preparations for the Dinner Auction on April 27th. Jim Nolan reported the preparations are complete for the start later this week for the Rotary Open World delegation from Ukraine's visit to Woodland. Jim thanked a number of Rotarians who have helped provide the lodging necessary for this visit to take place. And the delegation is set to visit the Club's next meeting on April 9th.



Kevin Haarberg took the helm on today's Recognition with questions about the original names of some famous actors. Marie Galbo enjoyed her cruise in the Carribean, but her traveling companion came down with COVID. Peter Holmes and with Chris had a great time in Scotland, first getting their youngest daughter married and then touring Scotland and England. It was such a nice day today that Les Engelmann chose to wear shorts to the meeting. He got fined for his choice of shorts! Rob Beggs enjoyed the blossums in Washington DC in the Spring. George Burger 'rang the bell' for finally getting fully moved into Woodland. 



 Pat Aukes, Broker, National Town & Valley Properties, Inc. Woodland, was our guest speaker today, giving an update on the residential sales and rental markets. Thank you to Program Coordinator Wendy Casas for arranging for and introducing our speaker.




March 26th Meeting


 President Karl Diekman returned to lead the Club today. He thanked the many people who had offered their condolences on the loss of his wife Hiromi. Jim Nolan reported the Rotary Open World Visit to Woodland by a delegation from Ukraine is coming together. He provided members with a draft schedule of events during the April 5-13 visit which includes the delegation visiting the Club at its April 9th meetingBob Nakken and others gave updates on the preparations for the 2024 Dinner Auction on April 27th. Key points: register your dinner tickets on Eventbrite (use link on website); pickup at least two Winners Choice Raffle tickets and sell/purchase them; get oral auction items to Don Huff III or David Molinaro; get silent auction items to Dick Hoppin or Marie Galbo; signup to donate a cake for the Auction; donate two bottles of wine to Jeff Burger. Mark Ullrich and Roger Kohlmeier are seeking sponsorships



 Les Engelmann managed to find a free lunch in today's 50/50 raffle. Shawn Seyk introduced his guest and prospective new member Reggie Powell. We had no birthdays or anniversaries acknowledged today. 




 Lori Ross took the helm on today's Recognition, asking for stories about notable members of your family. Lori was proud of her father, Mel Acosta, who owned the Melco janitorial service company, and was the first person to bring an electric dart board to Woodland. Don Huff III was feeling his dad, Don Huff Jr, was pretty special! Kevin Haarberg and wife Lorie just returned from a two week stay in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. Dan Stroski told us about his grandfather (mother's father) Art PlankintonEric Sharp talked about his grandfather (mother's father) Louis Calloni who operated the Columbia Market on Woodland's Main Street. Chuck Maltese told the story of taking his eldest niece, Debra, to her first two Rotary meetings years ago when both were in Chicago. Chuck is proud of Debra Kranz who is now the Immediate Past District Governor of Rotary District 6310 in the Bay City region of Michigan. 




 We didn't have a program today so President Karl played a couple of videos and discussed ways to enhance your experience in Rotary.




March 19th Meeting


 With President Karl Diekman away, President-elect Bob Nakken led today's meeting. Prospective new member Reggie Powell was introduced by Shawn Seyk as his guest. Tom Schwarzgruber fessed up to his 31st wedding anniversary (Woodland) with wife Gail on March 13. 


 We had numerous reports today, especially on preparations for the April 27th Dinner AuctionShawn Seyk is distributing the Winners Choice Raffle tickets. Every Club member is asked to purchase or sell at least two raffle tickets. David Pinto explained how to use the Eventbrite link (available in the Dinner Auction post above) to register your prepaid dinner tickets or purchase additional ones. Call David if you have questions. Mark Ullrich is looking for sponsors for the Dinner Auction. Gary Wegener says organizers of the 2024 Rotary Beer Booth are already working on the schedule. Gary is contacting folks who had the evening slots last year to see if they want the same schedule this year. 



 Clyde Brooker was in charge of today's Recognition, asking a series of trivia questions. Don Huff III was happy to be able to take a trip to baseball's Spring Training in Arizona this year, an annual event for Santa Clara University grads the late George Berretoni set up over 20 years ago. When asked is there a way to find out which side of your car the gas cap is located on, Ernie Hodges shrugged and said he drives an all electric Mercedes. Gary Bunch was excited (doesn't he look like he is???) to report he got an eagle on the 8th hole of Davis Muni Golf Course recently. 




 Our own Preston Schaub, Deputy District Attorney in the Yolo County District Attorney's Office, was our program speaker today, providing us with a description of theYolo County's Fast Pass Program to combat local retail theft. More information about Fast Pass can be found at: https://yoloda.org/yolo-da-announces-the-launch-of-fastpass-to-prosecution-combatting-retail-theft-through-retailer-initiated-reporting-and-rapid-prosecution/










 Preparations are underway for our 2024 Dinner Auction on Saturday, April 27, at the California Agriculture Museum (1958 Hays Lane, Woodland). 





 The Woodland Rotary Club/Woodland Rotary Endowment are looking to raise funds this year to: SUPPORT OUR YOLO COUNTY YOUTH.


We are benefiting three local non-profit organizations:  


Yolo County Fair Heritage Foundation 

(https://www.yolocountyfair.net/p/about/yolo-county-fair-heritage-foundationto assist in completing the FFA/4-H livestock auction arena with funds for the bleachers and other infrastructure. This is our main recipient.


WCC Foster & Kinship Education Foundation 

(https://www.yolofostercare.com/79-foster-care-and-adoption/24-fkce-stands-for-care.html) The Yolo Foster Care education program, operating through Woodland Community College, helps families and children manage the challenges faced by foster, kinship and adoptive families.  Funds we contribute will be used for care packages for up to 115 Foster Youth throughout the year, including gift cards and essential items. 

Make It Happen (https://www.mihyolo.org/

This small organization helps Yolo County youth ages 18-24 as they transition from foster care into independent living with furniture, household goods and related resources. Funds we contribute will be used to assist up to 25 young people.


Amounts awarded will be dependent on proceeds from this Dinner Auction. 





 Members: If you purchased tickets with your annual dues - you still need to go to the Eventbrite website (use link below) and select TICKETS - then put in the number 4 next to the DINNER TICKET PRE PAID option. Fill in your name so we can confirm you have paid and are good to go!


 Others: Want to buy dinner tickets? Cost is $60 per ticket. Register on the Eventbrite website (link below) to register and purchase. 


 Eventbrite website link for 2024 Rotary Dinner Auction tickets



 Call David Pinto at 530 304-5592 with any questions.







$100 per ticket to purchase. Only 200 tickets available. Each member is asked to purchase or sell at least two tickets.


Winner gets the following Trip Options - roundtrip airfare from Sacramento, and cancellation insurance included at:


Maui - 4 nights at Aston Kaanapali Shores; one bedroom ocean view condo & midsize rental car for duration of stay; or


Cabo San Lucas - 6 nights at Dreams Cabo San Lucas (meals & beverages included) plus roundtrip transfers from airport to resort; or


Disney World - 5 nights at Disney Caribbean Beach Resort; two 4-day passes (Disney Park, Epcot, Disney Animal Kingdom) & midsize rental car for duration of stay; or


$3,000 in cash.


Up to $6,000 travel value!





 Mark Ullrich and Roger Kohlmeier are seeking sponsors for the Dinner Auction. Sponsorship Tiers:


Gold - $2500

Silver - $1000

Bronze - $500

Business Card - $250


View the Sponsorship Letter and Form.

  Contact Mark Ullrich or Roger Kohlmeier for further information.






Don Huff III and David Molinaro are looking for donations of oral items to be offered during the event.


Dick Hoppin and Marie Galbo are looking for silent auction items to be offered during the event. 






  Each Club member is asked to donate two bottles of good quality wine (minimum $20 value each). Jeff Burger is coordinating. Bring them either to a Tuesday Club meeting or to Jeff's office (REMAX 927 Main St.).





Rest In Peace - Hiromi Diekman

 Hiromi Diekman, wife of Club President, PDG Karl Diekman, passed away on March 13, 2024. Karl and Hiromi met when he was stationed at the U.S. Yokosuka Naval Base near Tokyo, Japan in 1969 and Hiromi was a preschool teacher on base. They were married December 12, 1970 in Seminole, Florida and have a son, Luka. Our thoughts go out to Karl and family. 


Hiromi Terashima Diekman Obituary


Public Visitation


Wednesday, March 20, 2024

McNary's Chapel

458 College Street


followed by a light buffet from 4pm-7pm

 served at the 

Hotel Woodland

(enter from parking lot)




March 12th Meeting


 President-elect Bob Nakken, substituting for President Karl Diekman who was unable to attend, opened today's meeting with a moment of silence for Susie McGibbon, wife of Dr. Jim McGibbon, who passed away last week. Bob went on to report the Club Board has decided to move the 2024 Senior BBQ to the latter part of September; and he also gave an update on preparations for the 2024 Dinner Auction coming up Saturday, April 27, at the California Agriculture Museum (1958 Hays Lane). 



 Gary Wegener celebrated his 76th birthday (Detroit MI) on March 4th. With the pot at $342 and 23 cards remaining, Brian Dwyer got himself a free lunch. Shawn Seyk introduced his guest today, Reggie Powell, Realtor with Keller Williams Realty.



 Chuck Maltese says the 2024 Mystery Golf Trip is set for Wednesday, May 1st. Signup sheets are available at meetings. Price has increased to $120 per player. Make check out to 'Woodland Sunrise Rotary Club' and get it to ChuckDan Stroski reported on his attendance at the North American Youth Exchange Conference last week in Vancouver BC. Dan is still looking for voluteers (Rotarians or not) to locally house incoming youth exchange students anticipated arriving for the 2024-25 and 2025-26 school years. Contact Dan with questions and to sign up. 




 Don Huff III was at the helm for today's Recognition, asking questions about St. Patrick's Day. Jayne Williams was happy her doctor informed her she does NOT have asthma. Marie Galbo learned Saint Patrict was born in 387 BC. Les Engelmann found out Saint Patrick ultimately became a bishop. Gary Bunch was happy his schedule will be free while wife Kathy is in Dallas the next two weeks. 



 Our own Jayne Williams was our program speaker today, giving us a look at the Woodland High School Interact Club, which is sponsored by Woodland Rotary, and what it has been doing in recent years under Jayne's leadership. Since she has new obligations with her own work at All Leaders Must Serve, Jayne is seeking Club volunteers to help work with these students. 




North American Youth Exchange Conference


Dan Stroski is in Vancouver BC this week attending the 2024 NAYE Network Conference to learn more about Rotary Youth Exchange with Rotary leaders and other Club representatives from all over North America. Dan is looking for local Woodland volunteers to host inbound youth exchange students coming to Woodland for about 2-3 months during the 2024-25 and 2025-26 school years. Signup at Club meetings or contact Dan directly.



March 5th Meeting



 President Karl Diekman took the helm on California Primary Election Day with a good crowd on hand, and thanked Dan Stroski for giving him a club banner from the Rotary Club of Florence OR which Dan visited recently. Steve Venables reported former Club member and past President Dr. Dean Jeldon, passed away last September at 98 years of age. Dr. Jeldon, a WWII veteran and later a local children's dentist, served as Club President in 1977, but resigned shortly after beginning his term. (An obituary for Dr. Jeldon can be viewed at https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/dailydemocrat/name/elvin-jelden-obituary?id=53291346)




 President-elect Bob Nakken reported on attending Rotary District 5160 PETS (President-Elect Training) in San Jose this past weekend in preparing to be Club President starting this July. Bob was surprised incoming 2024-25 Rotary International President Stephanie Urchick attended and spoke there, sharing her theme 'The Magic of Rotary'. Bob thanked the Club for the Welcome poster (prepared by Dena Lawrence with help from Gaye Nakken, Steve Venables and Kris Kristensen) he received on his arrival there.




 Brian Dwyer introduced his guest today, Angela Lynn, with Lynn Capital Partners in Woodland.




 Dan Stroski was in charge of today's Recognition, asking about vacation plans. Ann Taylor says she is going to Scotland to attend her granddaughter's graduation from veterinary school. Marie Galbo is going on a Carribean cruise. Jayne Williams and husband Jeff are heading to Italy in May. Not sure about vacations this year, Lori Ross talked about her family trip to Jamaica last December. Dan and Chris Holmes are going to Scotland to attend the wedding of their youngest daughter IsabellaKevin and Lorie Haarberg are heading to Cabo San Lucas Mexico later this month.






 Our very own Barbara Sonin was our program speaker today, giving us an extensive look at Conservatorships; what they are, how to obtain them and related advantages and disadvantages. More about this issue can be viewed on the Sonin Law website: https://www.bsoninlaw.com/conservatorship or by contacting Barbara directly. 





WHS Interact Club Helps at Almond Festival


 Jayne Williams reported members of the Woodland High School Interact Club (supported by Woodland Rotary) were helping at the 2024 Almond Festival. Jayne thanked Rob Beggs for transporting the students to the event in the ALMS van both Saturday and Sunday. 




February 27th Meeting


 President Karl Diekman presided over a well attended meeting today. 



 Yvette Roy introduced her guest, husband Craig. Later on in the meeting, with the pot at $285 and 24 cards left, Craig found out how to get a free lunch. Seth Wurzel had several guests today including Drew Stresser, General Manager, Sutter County Levee District 1. Steve Venables and Dan Stroski teamed up again to lead today's Rotary Grace. 


Dan Stroski is looking for names of potentially interested volunteers to provide lodging for one or more incoming Youth Exchange Students for about a three month period during either the 2024-25 or 2025-26 school years. Steve Venables said he and his wife Lydia have hosted 9 Youth Exchange students over the years, finding the experience rewarding. Steve encouraged members to consider volunteering for this opportunity. Chuck Maltese says the 2024 Rotary Mystery Golf Trip is set for Wednesday, May 1. Jim Nolan reported plans for hosting the Rotary Open World delegation from Ukraine in Woodland during April 5-13 are developing well. They still need drivers to help transport delegates mostly within Woodland. If you can help please contact Jim



 An especially feisty Gary Bunch (don't call him Gary Wirth!) took charge of today's Recognition, starting with fines for several members (maybe its the pressure of tax season???) , including Tim Pettit for wearing a Yolo County hat to the meeting. Following a long absence, Tabb Randolph paid up for this 37th wedding anniversary (Mt Vernon WA) with wife Nancy on Feb 14. Tabb is also ready to head to Arizona for some spring training action. Rob Beggs was happy to report he joined a group of our Woodland High School Interact Club helping out at the Almond Festival this past weekend. Shawn Seyk 'rang the bell' for his Feb 25th birthday and his annual family gathering in Fort Bragg CA this past weekend. Jeff Burger is looking forward to a great real estate year in 2024 and very much enjoys working with his son in the business. 



 Ken Hiatt, City Manager, City of Woodland, Ric Reinhardt, PE, consulting engineer, Kim Floyd, public relations consultant, and Tim Busch, Principal Utilities Engineer, City of Woodland, were our guest speakers today, providing a review of their work on the Lower Cache Creek Flood Risk Reduction Project which is the basis for Measure M on the March 5th election ballot. Thanks to our own Seth Wurzel for arranging and introducing this important program! A complete set of the visual display slides shown in this presentation can be viewed here. A Measure M FAQ provided by the City is available at https://cityofwoodland.org/DocumentCenter/View/10796/Measure-M-FAQs-Document-Feb-22-2024




February 20th Meeting


 The Sergeant-at-Arms team missed a few things during set up today, so Peter Holmes assisted song leader Steve Venables, by displaying the Rotary Grace lyrics. Brian Dwyer filled out his State Primary/March 5th ballot by writing in Kevin Haarberg's name for a Congressional seat where someone was running unopposed. Kevin promised to do his best if elected!



 A 'pissed off' Chuck Maltese took the Recognition helm today, putting a few people on the spot. Eric Zane was fined for allowing his wife to have too much influence over his decision to have a mustache. Clyde Brooker got fined for his new shoes. Eric Sharp was fined for losing his Rotary badge. David Pinto, who recently guessed the author of an inspirational quote (first time this year!), was fined for being a know-it-all. Chuck allowed others to say which Super Bowl ad they like the most, what they did for Lent, or a favorite local restaurant. Nick Roncoroni liked the Dunkin Donuts Super Bowl commercial with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Jennifer Lopez and others. Gena Bravo liked the State Farm Super Bowl commercial with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito. Les Engelmann likes the Great Gold restaurant in Truckee. 



 With the pot at $264 and 25 cards to choose from, Kevin Haarberg found a free lunch. Visiting Rotarian Tracy Vicario (Portland OR Pearl Club) joined us again today.



President Karl provided this week's program, talking about 'Rotary: What is It?' This included a variety of topics such as a look at our Club and some of our projects, some of the International projects Rotary and Karl have been involved with, and the upcoming 2024 Rotary International Convention in Singapore (https://convention.rotary.org/en-us/)




MOSAIC Childrens' Museum Opens


The MOSAIC Children's Museum in Woodland opened its doors officially on February 15, 2024 with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Located at 120 Main Street, Suite D, our Club contributed $10,000 in June 2023 toward development of the Museum's Toddler Exhibit using proceeds from our 2023 Dinner Auction. More about the Museum's opening can be read in the Daily Democrat's Feb 17th article.  More about the MOSAIC Children's Museum can be found at their website.




February 13th Meeting


 President Karl Diekman returned home after his around the world trip and presided over today's meeting. In the spirit of Valentine's DaySteve Venables had small boxes of chocolate for every woman who attended today's meeting. Les Engelmann celebrated his 78th birthday on Feb 8 (Joliet IL).



 Woodland Sunrise Rotarians Byron MacConnell and Don Sharp joined us today. With the pot at $236 and 26 cards left, Bob Nakken found a free lunch. President Karl presented Shawn Seyk with a check for $814 because he found the joker in the 50/50 raffle on January 30th.



Derrek Kaff led today's Recognition with questions about Mardi Gras. Yvette Roy learned the King Cake is a key element of Mardi Gras. Wendy Casas-Raviotta has attended Mardi Gras and saw Alan Thicke and his son on one of the Krewes. Barbara Sonin found out the first Mardi Gras was held in the year 1294. Chuck Bruns lived and worked in New Orleans' French Quarter for three years as a waiter at Brennans while earning a BA in the 1980s.



 Juan Barajas, owner of the Savory Cafe, and President of Slow Food Yolo County, was our guest speaker today, giving us a program on 'Slow Food Yolo'. Thanks to Wendy Casas for arranging and introducing today's program. More information about Slow Food efforts locally and beyond can be found at www.slowfoodyolo.org 




February 6th Meeting


 President-elect Bob Nakken led our meeting again today. President Karl is expected to return from his worldwide travels next week. Both Bob and Jim Nolan stressed the need for volunteers to assist in several activities for our Club's Annual Dinner Auction on April 27, 2024. 


 Visiting Rotarian Tracy Vicario (Portland OR Pearl Club) joined us today (Tracy later said her son works in the SF 49ers front office). Yvette Roy introduced guests Cherie Schroeder, Program Director, and Rusetta Walker, Americorps Service Member, representing the Yolo County Foster & Kinship Care Education Program. Mike Chandler turned 75 years old on Feb 1st (Woodland). Peter Holmes 'rang the bell' for the early warning he received on his Feb 11th, 40th wedding anniversary with wife Chris (San Diego). 


 Looking through papers Dick Hoppin remembered he and wife Muffy moved into their home 50 years ago this week. Dick also recalled that he was in former 49er QB John Brodie's wedding party. Don Huff III is happy & sad that duck season has ended. Don didn't think he did so well this season. Wendy Casas-Raviotta traveled to Irvine last weekend to be with her son, and was also happy to survive her judicial reviewDon Huff Jr. reminded us of the extensive experience Ernie Hodges has in hosting foreign exchange students at his home. 


 Shawn Seyk helped a college friend's son, Colby Schaumberg, get some experience with a childhood dream by arranging for him to work at the Flornouy's (cousins of Roger & Bob Dorris) ranch in Likely CA (Modoc County) this winter. After just a short time there Shawn says Colby is now a firmly committed cowboy!



  With the big game just around the corner members shared what they will be doing for the Super Bowl, and a few predictions on the outcome. Lisa Dunham, and admitted 49er fan, will be with a group of friends and family watching the game and eating appetizers. Gary Bunch says he's going to visit family in Oklahoma to watch the game. Judy Kohlmeier is expected to workout on a tredmill while Roger watches the game. Roger thinks the 49ers will win. Dave Molinaro, ever the loyal Raiders fan, predicts the Chiefs will crush the 49ers. 





 Woodland Police Sergeant Ryan Bowler was our guest speaker today, giving us a program on 'Active Bystander Leadership for Law Enforcement (ABLE)' which the Woodland Police Department has adopted. Thanks to Derrek Kaff for arranging and introducing this important program. More information about ABLE is available at https://www.law.georgetown.edu/cics/able/




January 30th Meeting



 President-elect Bob Nakken led today's meeting again as President Karl Diekman continued his travels. Dan Stroski and Steve Venables combined again to get a good Rotary Grace out of us. 



 We had three visiting Rotarians with us today: Don Sharp and Byron MacConnell (Woodland Sunrise), and David Herd (Davis Sunrise). Jayne Williams introduced her husband and guest, Jeff Williams.


 Club Grants and Service Committee Chairman Blair Voelz gave us the sad news that after two years of preparations, the Rotary Club of Karen Kenya (Africa) has cancelled Phase Two of the Kenya WASH project due to internal conflicts and issues within that club that apparently could not be resolved. Blair went on to say all of the Rotary grant funds for the project have been returned. Our Club contributed about $15,000 toward the project, which included personal contributions from several members as well as contributions from some other local Rotary Clubs. Blair said contributions from members for grants that are canceled are moved to the Annual Fund-SHARE, and contributions from nonmembers are moved to the World Fund to support the Foundation’s programs. The cancellation of Phase Two of the project does not impact Phase One improvements which were completed a few years earlier. Jim Nolan reported several volunteers have already stepped forward to help with lodging and transportation in hosting the Open World Program delegation from Ukraine visiting Woodland April 5-13. What Jim still needs is volunteers for the Committee organizing the events. Please contact him if you can help. 



 Jayne Williams led the way on Recognition today, asking about our favorite concerts we've attended. Blair Voelz 'rang the bell' for his 52nd wedding anniversary with wife Jan (Sacramento) on Feb 5. Roger Kohlmeier 'rang the bell' for the SF49ers come from behind victory last Sunday putting them in the Super Bowl. David Molinaro felt the 49ers' best player last Sunday was the Detroit Lions' head coach. 



 With only four cards left, Shawn Seyk calmly drew the joker to win the $814 pot today!




Kimberly Key, CEO, and Jon Rango, Chief Operating Officer, of Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Sacramento were our guest speakers today, giving us a program on the the new Boys & Girls Club in Woodland which opened last summer at the site of the old Cross Courts facility on West Cross Street. Thanks to Derrek Kaff for arranging and introducing this interesting program today. Learn more about the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Sacramento, including the Woodland Club, at their website




January 23rd Meeting


 President-elect Bob Nakken took the helm once again today, 'ringing the bell' in announcing the Jan 21 birth of his granddaughter Austyn Brielle Nakken to her parents, Alyssa and Robert Abel. (see story below).  Bob was also happy to announce Chuck Bruns Jr. was preparing his first Splinter edition today. And with the pot at $786 and only 5 cards remaining, Bob managed to find a free lunch! Chuck Bruns announced Woodland High School was selling $100 bricks to raise funds for a beautification project; for more information contact Eric Dyer by email or at 530 681-0251.



 Dan Stroski announced he will become Rotary's representative for inbound Youth Exchange Program students in Northern California. Jim Nolan was in charge of today's Recognition, asking questions about who you would like to meet if you could do so with anyone in history; or a favorite memory. Peter Holmes celebrated his Jan 6 birthday at Palisades Tahoe. Derrek Kaff 'rang the bell' for his 29th wedding anniversary with wife Patti coming up Jan 28.



 Christian Sherrill discovered teaching your kids how to drive can be a near death experience! In response to Recognition questioning, Kevin Haarberg's favorite place in all the world is the Serengeti Plain. One of Ann Taylor's favorite memories was winning the World Cup Trail Horse award in Oklahoma City at age 75 on a Morgan she had raised as a new foal. David Molinaro would enjoy meeting with Michelangelo. Mike Chandler's favorite activity is doing 'absolutely nothing!' If Barbara Sonin had a superpower, she wishes she could know when people are telling the truth. Traveling in Death Valley is a favorite place for David Pinto.  



 Our own Nick Roncoroni, Global Pipeline Process Lead for Bayer Vegetables R&D, Woodland, was our program speaker today, giving us a close look at the work of Bayer globally as well as in Woodland. A complete look at all of Nick's visual presentation can be found here. More about Bayer in Woodland can be found on their website




Alyssa Nakken Gives Birth!


 Proud father and grandfather Bob Nakken announced his daughter Alyssa gave birth to a 6lb 3oz baby girl, Austyn Brielle Nakken on January 21, 2024. Congratulations!!




January 16th Meeting 



  Despite missing a few pieces of Rotary bling - Club and Presidential banner - Club President Karl Diekman still got the meeting going on time today. President Karl also announced he was leaving this Friday on an around the world trip for a few weeks, stopping first in Seoul, South Korea, then Bangkok, Dubai, Manchester, England and finally London where he will attend a Rotary Peace Conference.Visiting Rotarian Cecil 'Pancho' Padilla (Winters) joined us today. Dan Stroski introduced his guest, daughter Reina Sauceda. President-elect Bob Nakken introduced his guest, Debbie Bruno with Bella Vie Real Estate.



 Needing a last minute topic, Kevin Haarberg seized on today's lunch entree for his question - What was the chicken we were served today (a bit tough!) originally intended for? Or you could talk about your upcoming vacation plans. Christian Sherrill told us about Eli Rogelstad, a local boy scout, who is doing his Eagle Scout project; building cubbies at the Esparto Public Pool for people to store their belongings while swimming. Eli asked if Rotary could help with funds for the building materials which he estimates at $500. Any individual Club member interested in helping Eli should get their contribution into the jar at the back table or to Christian directly by the end of January. 






 Lori Gallian, training consultant to the Woodland Fire Department, was our guest speaker today, sharing a program on Hands On CPR and related emergency response techniques including bleeding control which ordinary citizens can use to help victims in distress. Lori presented the 70 second video, Hands On CPR video produced by the Woodland Fire Department (led by Firefighter Vinny Bellafronte with assistance from Captain Noe Lopez), shown above. Lori went on to highlight WFD's 75% successful response rate in responding to code code calls. Thanks to Woodland Fire Chief Eric Zane for arranging and introducing this important program. 




 Rotary Open World Program

 - Volunteers Needed

Jim Nolan is heading up our Club's hosting of a Rotary Open World Program delegation who will be in Woodland April 5-13, 2024. The Program involves the Club hosting six participants (5 delegates and 1 facilitator), all from Ukraine, for the visit. The Theme is, Rule of Law, Processing War Crimes. 


Jim needs volunteers to provide lodging to 1-2 participants for the eight nights of their stay. This includes bedroom, shower/bath facilities, and maybe continental breakfast items. Participants will be provided meals away from their lodging. Other volunteers are needed to help transport participants to various activities during their stay - visiting with various local and State governmental officials, Congressional representatives, court officials, educators, Rotarians, etc. as well as some recreational excursions and meals. Most destinations will be local or in Sacramento. Transport volunteers may be asked to use their own vehicle or a large van may be rented. Finally, Jim is looking for committee members to help organize the hosting effort. 


Some volunteers have already stepped forward. More are needed. Please complete the sign up sheet attached below and email/deliver to Jim Nolan. Questions? Contact Jim at jvnolan@yololaw.com or 530 219-6475


Volunteer Signup Sheet


 More about Rotary Open World Program




 January 9th Meeting 


 Club Foundation Chair Tom Schwarzgruber presents Mike Chandler with his 7th Paul Harris Fellowship pin in recognition of Mike's significant financial support of the Rotary Foundation. Jim Nolan is asking for volunteers to house the six member delegation from the Ukraine coming to visit Woodland April 5-13, 2024 as part of Rotary's One World Program.



 With only 7 cards left in the 50/50 raffle, Mike Chandler managed to find a free lunch. Dan Stroski and Steve Venables rang in the new year with spirited leadership on the Rotary Grace. Wendy Casas-Raviotta introduced her guest, fellow attorney Jake Pillard. Woodland Sunrise Rotarians Don Sharp and Byron MacConnell joined us today. 



 Shawn Seyk was happy his mother is out of the hospital and doing well in cardiac rehab. Gary Wegener 'rang the bell' with news that his younger brother has been cured of a rare blood disease. Over the holidays Wendy Casas-Raviotta took her parents and family to her parents’ home town in central Mexico near Zacatecas for 2 ½ weeks, and they all made it back safely. Eric Zane was happy his nephew got him tickets to attend the Army-Navy Game this Fall. 



Clara Levers,  Deputy Attorney General, California State Attorney General's Office, was our guest speaker today, giving us a presentation on the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Thanks to Wendy Casas-Raviotta for arranging and introducing Clara, who is a lifelong Woodland and Yolo County resident as well as a friend and law school classmate of Wendy's.




WHS Interact Works on Blankets for

Children Displaced by War



 Jayne Williams reports 20 members of the Woodland High School Interact Club (which our Club sponsors) recently gathered to work on blankets to be donated to children displaced by war.