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Redding Area Fire Victims Relief

We have all seen the tragedies of the recent wildfires in Redding, the northern portion of our own Rotary District 5160. The Woodland Rotary Endowment will match contributions made by our members to aid victims of the Redding area fire. Get your contributions (check’s payable to ‘Woodland Rotary Endowment’) to the Club’s meeting next Tuesday (August 14) and our Endowment will send that amount along with a match to the Shasta Regional Community Foundation’s (SRCF) Community Disaster Relief Fund with whom local Redding Rotary clubs are working in this effort.  For more information contact Club President Mike Chandler.




Membership Drive -

Invite a Guest to a Club lunch

Club President Mike Chandler and Membership Chair Jennifer Ward are launching a membership drive. Invite someone you feel could be a good new member to a Club meeting this August or September, and the Club will pay their lunch. As noted above subsequent guest free lunches happen as they show interest and submit a membership application. Contact Jennifer if you have questions.




August 7th Meeting


 Monsanto Vice President John Purcell, PhD, was our guest speaker today, providing us with a look at what is shaping modern agriculture. Nick Roncoroni introduced our speaker.



Frank Gardner donated $100 today (all in $1 bills!) in sharing that he celebrated

his 94th birthday on August 6 with a trip to San Francisco.



Visiting Rotarians today included Sylvia Fitzgerald (Sacramento) and (lower right) Brad Miller (Sunrise). Tabb Randolph introduced guest Kevin Hoppin.



Membership Chair Jennifer Ward encouraged us to bring a guest to lunch at Club meetings in August & September (see story above). Dick Hoppin shared a little about his life with us today, and reminded us that the Rotary Beer Booth will be in full swing at next week's Yolo County Fair. Kevin Haarberg celebrated his July 27th wedding anniversary with Lorie in Amsterdam. Gary Bunch did double duty by helping Lori Ross draw a free lunch with $326 in the pot, and he led Recognition today with a request for more members to serve on the Recognition Committee.




July 31st Meeting


Sandra Sigrist, LCSW; Director, Adult and Aging Branch, Yolo County Health and Human Services Agency, was our guest speaker today giving us a overview of the Yolo County's Crisis Response System.


Rotarians Craig Stevenson from the South Sacramento Club and Vicki Faye from the Sunrise Club joined us today. Alan Flory's grandson, Liam Campbell, was his guest today.



Warned about his August 7th anniversary, General (retired) Jim Taylor shared an extensive Air Force story leading to his marriage to Ann. Gary Bunch got a phone call. Frank Gardner highlighted a Sacramento Bee article. Roger Kohlmeier was happy about his 53rd anniversary (July 10) with Judy and their recent trip down the Ohio River.



Chuck Maltese drew a free lunch! 



Tanzania Children's Hospital Project




The new Digital X-ray building, at the Children's Hospital in Zinga, Tanzania, Africa, was recently opened. A $103,000 Rotary International Global Grant co-sponsored by all three Woodland Rotary clubs and others in our region, provided a digital x-ray system, a digital dental x-ray system and an ultrasound system, along with necessary training of local staff on their use, for this hospital.


'The primary objective of

this global grant is to improve access to diagnostic radiology services for the poor and underserved children of Tanzania.'


View the grant report to learn more about this project.






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