(EIN 68-0270150)

Articles of Incorporation




2021-22 Leadership


President (Immediate Past Club President) - Tabb Randolph

Director (Club Treasurer), Mark Ullrich

Secretary, Bob Nakken


Directors (terms ending 6/30/22)

 Shawn Seyk

David Pinto

Clyde Brooker


Directors (terms ending 6/30/23)

Yvette Roy

Tom Schwarzgruber

Carl Rodegerdts

Bob Nakken






Treasurer Presentation to the Club: 

February 2, 2016

January 29, 2019


Endowment End of Year Financial Statements:


2016-17 Profit/LossBalance Sheet

2017-18  Balance Sheet Profit Loss 

2018-19 Balance Sheet Profit Loss

Jun 30, 2020 Balance Sheet

June 30, 2020 Profit & Loss Statement



Endowment Board Meetings:

29 Aug 2017: Agenda   Minutes  Profit/Loss; Balance Sheet

    30 Dec 2017 financials Profit/LossBalance Sheet; Ledger

30 Jan 2018: Agenda Minutes  Profit/Loss; Balance Sheet; Ledger

20 Feb 2018 agenda minutes

14 Mar 2018 E-Board meeting agenda/minutes

  27 Mar 2018 Agenda  Minutes

7 May 2018  Agenda Minutes Profit/Loss  Balance Sheet

12 June 2018 Agenda Minutes

July 2018 (no meeting)

August 13, 2018 minutes

September 24, 2018 minutes



 Endowment Dinner/Auction:


2020 Financials




Learn about giving to the Rotary Foundation:


Your Gift from Start to FinishHow the Rotary Foundation turns your contribution into meaningful change. 


Every Rotarian Every YearEvery Rotarian is encouraged to participate in a Foundation project and make a personal gift to the Annual Fund every year.


District 5160 2015-16 Contributions by Club. This is a review of contributions made by our Club and others in the District.


Woodland Rotary Fundraising Analysis. More information about our Club's contributions to the Rotary Foundation.


Nicaragua Cervical Cancer Project Final Report. A description of a Global Grant our Club sponsored.