Woodland Kids Reads webpage

This has been established to facilitate communication and planning for the WKR program.  Contact Gary Wegener 666 4098 or gwegener4098@gmail.com to add/change content.  You have to know the URL to get to the site.


I can embed files (word, pdf, pictures, excel, etc).  The page does not show up on our website directory.  Kris Kristensen is the other webmaster; I will advise him about the page so he isn't surprised if he sees it. 


Weblinks: www.kidsdata.org  for stats on kids, including school district performance data.


Draft 2017 LCAP report (100 pages; see pg 46/47 for Reading and Math achievement.

SARC School Accountability Report Cards


May 23, 2017 WKR event




Next meeting is 8:15, at Savory, Tues Aug 29th, 2017.  Draft agenda to include outreach for funding, potential donors, ~3 minute promotional slideshow or video, approach. Also, timeline and draft budget leading to the next WKR event.


Woodland Kids Read 2018, will be held May 16th, and/or May 23rd, 2018.

Target Schools: Gibson, Prairie, Dingle and Freeman.  Key planners Lori Ross and Maria from United Way, Wayne Ginsburg (Woodland Sunrise Rotary) and Gary Wegener (Woodland Rotary).