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Programs Committee Chair


January 2019

Vocational Service Month


1: Dark for New Year's Day




8: Bob Deering, PDG, Rotary District 5180, Human Trafficking Prevention




15: Derek Macias & Kayla Kidwell, Developmental Disabilities: Living Independently




22: Judge Steven Basha, Yolo Superior Court, Retired

'Dependency, Delinquency and the Community'




29: Tony Delevati, 'Woodland Rotary Endowment Update'




February 2019

Peace & Conflict Resolution Month


5:    Ken Hiatt, Assistant City Manager/Community & Economic Development Director, City of Woodland; 'Woodland: 2019 Development Update'




12:   Kevin Haarberg, 'Trip to Tanzania'




19:    Lacey Hilliard, F.I.R.E (FIRST IN, FIRE RELIEF for EVACUEES);




26: Kara Hunter, Executive Director, Yolo Conflict Resolution Center





March 2019

Water and Sanitation Month

5: Gary Strong, President & CEO, American Red Cross of the Gold Country;




12: Cass Sylvia, 'Project Amigo' and Tequila 101;




19: Patrick Blacklock, County Administrator, Yolo County;




26: Mini Garcia, Community Relations Coordinator, Woodland Police Department;




April 2019

Maternal and Child Health Month


2: Gary Wirth, 'Traveling Rotarian - Antartica, the 7th & Final Continent'




9:  Meeting at the Woodland Public Library - "Tour of the Square One Maker Space";



16: Lisa Baker, CEO, Yolo County Housing Authority;



23: DARK for Easter Week




30: Nancy Ullrey, Executive Director, Cache Creek Conservancy;





May 2019

Youth Service Month


7: Senior BBQ



14: Son Trinh

Son Trinh and his mother escaped Communist Vietnam in a boat in 1985.  After arriving in America, he joined  in the US Marine Corps and, fast forward, is now the Postmaster in Woodland.  Come hear first hand a story you normally only get to read about. 



21:  Judge David Rosenberg, Stephan Svetich, Kristi Abbott, Allison Zuvela, Christopher Bulkeley & Jonathon Raven; Yolo County Collaborative Courts;;; and



28: David Tyson Perry, Tough Mudder Athlete;  



June 2019 

Rotary Fellowship Month


4: Wendi Locatelli,  Sepsis Survivor;




11: Jim Hilliard & Brad Miller, 'Adequate Insurance Coverage in the Age of Wildfires'.




18: Becky Ramirez, Fire Chief, City of Woodland;




25:  Demotion



July 2019 

Rotary International Making A Difference Year Begins




9: Hold for Incoming President Delevati

16: Hold for City Councilman


23: Gary Sandy, County Supervisor


30: Club Fieldtrip?




August 2019 

Membership and New Club Development Month


6: Gary Wirth, "PETRA- The Hidden Red City"









September 2019 

Basic Education and Literacy Month






17: Cecilia Aguilar-Curry


24: Koen Van Rompay, D.V.M., Ph.D "California National Primate Research Center"



October 2019

Economic and Community Development Month


1: Senator Dodd




15: Marsha Engstrom "Generations" 


22: Bart Vanucci, Yolo County Fairgrounds





November 2019

Rotary Foundation Month


 5"Paradise Camp Fire- One Year Later"? John Waterman, Paradise Rotarian and Evacuee










December 2019

Disease Prevention and Treatment Month






17: Christmas Program- We encourage you to bring a guest.


24: Dark


31: Dark