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SAD NEWS--The August 2021 County Fair has been cancelled, again because of state imposed restrictions on operation of the fair in its traditional form.  Accordingly, the beer booth won't be in operation either.  (There will be different events held in August, simulating aspects of the fair and any beer concessions will be provided by those event vendors.  Somehow that works within ABC rules.)


The Rotary Beer Booth operation is a unique endeavor by Yolo county Rotary Clubs, to provide a service, have fun, and make some money in the process...  The Yolo County Fair Beer Booth Committee has representatives from each of the clubs, coordinates the organization, setup, and staffing of the event. 



This page is a shared resource for the10 Yolo County Rotary Clubs that have historically partnered on projects and events centered around the Yolo County fair and Rotary Park at the fairgrounds.  Please direct questions, suggestions, or comments about this web page to Gary Wegener, Woodland noon Club, at 530 908 4914





Standby for the Beer Booth Schedule for the Fair.  

Click here.  This will be updated for 2022 as we firm things up.




Committee member representatives as of 6/20/19 



In 2015, the club Presidents enacted a set of Operating Guidelines and Procedures, for this Inter-Club Committee.  In addition, Dean provided a Procedures Manual in 2019 (which undoubtedly will evolve as a 'living document' as we seek to emulate his legacy of continuous improvement).



The following subfunctions were subsequently established by the committee (to be re-evaluated as to need each year):

Chair and webmaster: Gary Wegener gwegener4098@gmail.com  530 908 4914

Treasurer: Vicki Faye

Finance Sub-committee: Dean Labadie, Candy MacPhearson, Jacque Bartholomew, Fred Conte

Improvement Sub-committee: Joe Muller, Gary Holman, Gary Wegener, Fred Conte

Members: the member representatives assist in resolving organizational details and to coordinate their club's signups for the booth at the fair, to insure assigned slots are filled.


Meeting Agendas/Minutes:


  • Project and Financial Reports: 
    • for 2015
    • for 2016
    • for 2017
    • for 2018  Paver Project Completion Report
    • In May 2019, the beer booth committee funds ($1998.97 in operating funds and $3659.96 in project reserves for a total of $5658.93) were transferred to a new, no fee checking account in First Northern Bank (Woodland) in a subaccount under the Woodland Sunrise EIN/main account.  Vicki Faye, Woodland Sunrise Rotarian, is the new Beer Booth Committee Treasurer, and Lynn Jepsen, Woodland Sunrise Rotarian/Treasurer, will maintain separate records in QuickBooks,to simplify rolling the beer booth operation into Woodland Sunrise Rotary's tax returns. (GW 6/20/19)
    • 20190620 Bank Statement  Assets/Liabilities  (Balance: $5658.93)
    • for 2019 
    • 2021 update (2020 and 2021 fairs cancelled; no beer booth)

 Tentative projects on the wish list to enhance the use of the Rotary Park area (note these need coordination with and approval from the Fair Board).